I have to say it was an amazing experience. Why? Because we turned the grounds upside down (for the better) and secondly because we had no idea how many friends we had. For you to take time out of your busy schedules, especially during the holidays, to get your clothes covered in ash and soot…well, that says a lot. The entire Moore family was extremely touched by the teamwork and friendship shown from the people who helped us this past Saturday and Sunday. Thank you a million times!

Saturday had nearly 60 people while Sunday had roughly 30. Sunday was a very tough day of work as the winds were steadily ranging between 25 and 40 MPH.

But after a weekend of hard work, we’re closing in on the reopening. We can’t wait for everyone to see MNM 2.0. While the hills are a little darker, you’re going to love what we have in store for you.

Our goal is to be reopened by January 16th if not sooner. We will not be holding any events until the Mulligun in January. We want your return to be special so we’re extending our reopening date by 2 weeks.

Further updates are coming soon. Again, thank you again to the hard-working people at the Work Party. And thanks again to the work party who helped us nearly 10 years ago when this happened. Ask Mike Griffitts about it! He was there for both.

Merry Christmas everyone and we love you all. See you soon at the new, flame-retardant Moore N’ Moore!