March 21, 2020

A monthly NSCA event every 3rd Saturday of the month.

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  • 50-Target Super Sporting $24

    Add $3.00 for NSCA fees.

What is Super Sporting?
This event is shot just like regular Sporting Clays but with 3-4 clay throwers at each station instead of 2.  Also, you will shoot singles from each of the machines first, followed by set pairs utilizing all of the machines.  You can only preview the single targets and previewing doubles is not allowed.  You have full use of the shotgun on your singles (2 shots at each), if needed..

This event is optional.  If you haven’t shot it before, try it. You’ll probably find Super Sporting to be your new favorite event..  Often shot immediately after the Main Event is completed.  If you’d rather shoot it after lunch,  you’re welcome to do so.

Where's the Silver? Right here!

2020 Walking Liberty 1oz. silver coins with air-tight black gasket.  How many can you collect in a year?


  • High Over All
  • Runner Up
  • 1st Place in Each Class
  • High Lady
  • High Veteran
  • High Super Veteran / Super Senior Veteran
  • High Junior
  • High Sub Junior


  • MAIN: Back to Class $15
  • Class Purse $20
  • Lewis Class $10

Class purse and Lewis are additional ways of betting money on your performance.

All payout checks will be sent by mail no later than 14 days after the event.  


Pork chops, BBQ Chicken, Tri-Tip, mashed potatoes, green beans…you name it. We cook it.  However, to be included for lunch, we need you to pre-register for the event on so we’ll know how much food to buy.  Soft drinks and water are available with lunch.


Lunch is only available for Main Event shooters.  If you would like to have food for your guests, please call us in advance.   There is no charge for food, but tips are appreciated.  

When is lunch served?

Immediately after the main event is completed, normally around 11:30 AM.  Serving ends around 12:30 PM.


CHECK IT OUT!  A brand new optional game you can play at every Silver Series!  You don’t need to be good, just lucky.  Here’s how it works…

Our computer chooses a random number between 40 and 100.  If your score matches that number you’ll win all the pot money!  If nobody hits the number, the money carries over to the next Big Bonanza Blast!

As of 2/15/2020, the Random # was 50.  Nobody hit the number so $340 carries over to March 2020.



We'll be mailing your winnings to the address that ScoringPRO provides us.  If you think the NSCA has your incorrect address, please visit and update your info.

If we mail your check and it bounces back as a bad address, we'll keep it at the club.

There is a 90 day expiration day on all checks.  If you wait until it expires, we'll provide you a gift card for the full value.   You'll be able to use it for whatever you like at Moore N' Moore.

Thanks for shooting with us and congratulations on your win!