The Silver Series

The Silver Series 2017-11-30T15:47:05+00:00
Saturday, December 16th


Entry Fee: $88.00.
NSCA Fee: $4.00.
CSCA Fee: $2.00.
Targets: 100 Sporting Clays.
NEW! $20.00 back to class!
Registration Starts: 8 AM.
Shooting Starts: 9 AM.
Payment: While we appreciate any form of payment, cash or check are preferred. There is an additional 4% charge for all credit cards.

1st Place in each class.
Must be 7 in class to award.

High Lady Pendant
Must be 3 ladies to award.


Entry Fee: $38.00.
NSCA Fee: $2.00.
CSCA Fee: 
100 clays.
$10 Lewis – $15 Class Purse.
This event takes place after lunch. You can start whenever you like and you must finish by 4 PM.


This event offers great trophies and even cash!

  • Main Event: $20.00 Back to Class.

1st Place in Class Winners:
Some months we have Silver Belt Buckles, other months we have Silver Money Clips. Both are made on Sterling Silver bases, have a high quality silver bezel around the coin and are adorned with a brand new Walking Liberty Silver Dollar. Here’s a sample of the trophies.


For all events, we have the following options to play in addition to the money given back to class.

  • CLASS: $15.00.
  • LEWIS: $10.00.
  • LADY: $10.00


Lunch will be included for this event and you won’t want to miss it. You must pre-register before noon on the Friday before the event. Don’t miss the deadline. The food is always great!

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