September 21, 2019

A monthly NSCA event every 3rd Saturday of the month.

Register on SCORINGPRO.com


All events are registered with the NSCA.
 All event entry fees do not include NSCA fees. 

  • Start Time 8 AM

    Registration starts at 7 AM.

  • 100 Main Event $55

    Does not include NSCA fees. Add $6.00 for NSCA.

  • 50 Super Sporting $24

    Does not include NSCA fees. Add $3.00 for NSCA.

  • 100 Practice Targets $33

    Only available with the purchase of the Main Event. For club members with discount target cards only.


Class purse and Lewis are additional ways of betting money on your performance.  

  • Class Purse $20
  • Lewis Class $10


Pork chops, BBQ Chicken, Tri-Tip, mashed potatoes, green beans…you name it. We cook it.  However, to be included for lunch, we need you to pre-register for the event on SCORINGPRO.com so we’ll know how much food to buy.  Soft drinks and water are available with lunch.


Lunch is only available for Main Event shooters.  If you’d like lunch for a friend or spouse, please let the shooters eat first.  There is no charge for food, but tips are appreciated for extra food.

When is lunch served?

Immediately after the main event is completed, normally around 11:30 AM.  Serving ends around 12:30 PM.


We'll be mailing your winnings to the address that ScoringPRO provides us.  If you think the NSCA has your incorrect address, please visit mynsca.com and update your info.

If we mail your check and it bounces back as a bad address, we'll keep it at the club.

There is a 90 day expiration day on all checks.  If you wait until it expires, we'll provide you a gift card for the full value.   You'll be able to use it for whatever you like at Moore N' Moore.

Thanks for shooting with us and congratulations on your win!


Like our friends at Raahauges, we will be providing your squad a target card that “COUNTS UP” instead of down.

In the past: The issue of preview targets, bad pulls, broken clays, and including them into the entry fee has never been a fair process due to some shooters using way fewer previews than others.  The Raahauges method, we feel, is the best way to do it where it’s fair for everyone.  And since they’re the club that has the biggest turnouts, it seems everyone is ok with it.  Also, as a huge perk to the customer, if you shoot the main event, you’ll also be able to take one of these cards out after the event and use it for practice at 24₵ each for members and 35₵ each for non-members.

How it works:  You’ll shoot your event as usual.  If you have a squad of 5 people and your card exceeds 500 clays, you’ll simply settle up the difference on these extra targets at 24₵ (regardless if you’re a member or not) when you turn in your scoresheet. 

Why did we change our system? To lower the price of the events (-$2 for the Main and -$8 for Super Sporting) for shooters who throw fewer previews.  Also to give shooters the opportunity to practice at dirt-cheap prices on tough targets after the event.

A little math:  If a squad of 5 shooters throws a pair of preview targets on a 12 station course, they’re looking at (24 x .24)/5 = $1.15 per shooter.  And if you like to throw more previews, nobody will ever complain that you’re throwing too many! :).

In a nutshell:  Event previews, bad pulls and broken targets = 24₵ each.  Practice targets afterward = 24₵ each target for MNM members.  35₵ each target for non-members.