The Silver Series – July 15, 2017

Bill Skinner - Master Gunsmith and Master Class amigo.

Congratulations Cameron Bayne!

On a tough course with no gimmie targets in sight, who goes home with High Over All? None other than  AA class’ Cameron Bayne who proceeded to smoke 93×100. A big win for the soon-to-be Master Class’er. HOA is always a huge deal when someone outside of the M bracket takes the win. Congratulations Cameron on a job well done (and a nice shiny buckle too).

Yes, the buckle is upside down. No, we don’t have a photo editor. 🙂

Bill Skinner - Master Gunsmith and Master Class amigo.

El Rey de Argentina!

This guy shoots the Argentina every time we have an event and always shoots it well. Today was no different when Raul Acosta took HOA in this 50-target frenzy of fun with a 46×50. That’s 92% for you English majors.  Great shooting Raul and we got a cool photo too!


Who won what?

While we’re proud of Cameron and Raul, we’re sure you’re interested to see how the others fared on this tough course under blazing 100-degree temps. Here they are…

Thanks for coming!

We haven’t seen these guys lately and it was great to have you out again. Thanks for coming…

Joe Gregory
Ray Peru
Brian Nash
Brent, Adam and Ryan Manchester
Danny Castillo
Eric Peters
Scott Herrmann
Grey Gallo
Tom Drake
Dave Shankle
President Keith Welch
Matt and Retta Sampson
Rollie Smith
Chris Lozano
Curtis Lessel
Brad Sutton
Troy Marsh
William Stevenson

Mulligun 400 – July 30

Hope to see you all there. If you’d like to come, please register on Scoringpro as soon as possible. We’ll have a 100 target main event and 50 target Super Sporting afterward. Let’s pray for 80-degree weather! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ON SCORINGPRO

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