The Silver Series – Aug 19, 2017

The Silver Series Recap

A Haiku For You…

Ode to a Target-Setter

Egos bruised big time.
A bee flew when I called pull.
Thanks, target-setter.

(yes, it has 3 lines, 17 total syllables, 5 in the first line, 7 in the second line, 5 in the third line.) Boom! And my wife thinks I only know math.

And I Quote…

“Toughest course I’ve shot all year.” – Troy Marsh.
“Targets were bloody great.” – George Digweed.
“A great shoot! I’ll be back next month. Hell, I’ll be back tomorrow!” – Cory Moore

OK OK, I didn’t intend for it to be this difficult.  However, it’s refreshing sometimes to know that you didn’t need to break a 99 or 100 to win HOA. There were some great scores shot and the winners should be proud. We saw nice healthy scores from A, B, C, and D classes on this course. Keep up the good work you guys. We’ll also be toning down the difficulty level on the Argentina targets for the next event.

And the “Trooper” award goes to…

Brad Sutton! This guy had his recoil reduction system fall apart halfway through the course and still shot an 82 with a borrowed shotgun. Nice shooting Brad. Most of us would have thrown in the towel.

It was your day…

Ray Peru and Siavash Hazini for breaking 5×6 on the dreaded station 7. Really you two, that’s some great shooting. And let’s not forget Kenton Moore for being the only person to run station 1. We should also mention there were quite a few shooters hitting 5×6 on this one…like Josey Martin, Curtis Lessel, Medardo Canales, Tom Dillon, Terry Thompson, Fausto Saavedra, Dave Murray, Tom Isgrigg, Joseph Gonzalez and Kelly Erisman. That was a tough station but apparently not for you guys.

Now onto the good stuff!

A great turnout this time with 87 shooters. Thanks to everyone that attended and we hope you had a good time. Jeff Dieleman tore it up with an 88×100 to take HOA while Curtis Lessel and Ed Najar weren’t far behind with 87 and 86 respectively. Nice shooting by all on this very tough course. The weather was beautiful and a slight breeze made each target a little different than the one before.

Who won Argentina? It was another close one where Ed Najar took it with a 41×50 and both Raul Acosta and Tom Dillon were close behind him with 39×50. Congratulations to all of you.

I’d like to thank my Argentina squad for shooting it with me. Bill Skinner, Tom Dillon, and Ken Evans, you guys were great.

We hope everyone liked their new buckles. Next month we’ll be awarding the money clips so maybe some of you can get a matched set!

Here are the champions, my friends…

Next Up!

THE MULLIGUN 400! Next Sunday, Aug 27, The Mulligun 400 is on. Don’t miss it! Pat and Janet will be serving up a great pulled pork lunch with the BBQ beans everyone loves and our killer southern slaw. In addition to the main event, we’ll be having a 50 target Super Sporting which will knock your socks off.  See you next Sunday.

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