The Night Shoot – July 7, 2017

Ally Ebner takes a shot at the low fast quartering target speeding by.
The Night Shoot Recap

52 Shooters attend! A new record! Thanks to everyone who is supporting this shoot and for those that couldn’t make it this month, we’re sorry you missed it and hopefully we’ll see you at the next one, on August 4th.

The weather was warm last night, but there was a slight breeze that occasionally took the edge off. The night sky had a full moon which really added to the ambiance.

We also noticed lots of guys were out shooting with their wives and girlfriends too. It’s so great to see this happening because we always envisioned The Night Shoot as a great place to bring a date. Who’d have thought a Sporting Clays range would be a fun date-night? We did! That’s why we’re here, folks. To keep your personal relationships healthy!

Photos and Videos by Jim

Jim Bloomfield was out last night not only with his camera but with his shotgun too. Check out these videos and photos (on our Facebook page) here.

Video 1
Video 2
Photo Album

The Food

Thank you Danawana for the awesome meal consisting of jumbo-size chicken drumsticks, fresh water melon, macaroni salad and cool Cole slaw. Also, we appreciated the people who RSVP’d via the email, however only 23 of you sent them in. If you’re not receiving emails from us and you’re planning to attend this event, please give us a call at 818 890 4788 and we’ll put you on the RSVP list. If you have friends coming with you, don’t hesitate to call and let us know. While we were close on the food, we were still unable to feed one shooter (Sorry Willis, thanks for understanding).

The Results

Who won money and how much? Who won ammo? All those questions are answered right here in this handy-dandy chart.

Ed Najar9910107986288A
Mike Dieleman10510108986085
Cory Moore989109876085
Aaron Farnsworth999610745477
Bill Rhodes108686965375
Aaron Barnes79698955375
Kevin Miles7510971045274
Terrance Tanaka97569975274
Dave Murray82999855071
Robert Martinez106947775071
Keenan Jackson86796764970B
Dave Koch981067444868
Sam Gregorian86895844868
Glenn Davis95696764868
Mark Reid68894754767
Will Dobbins58685764564
Rich Xifo55696954564
Alley Ebner68865654462
Bob Nichols105663954462
Gary Steiner76566864462
Dirk South638104574361C
Jim Bloomfield66884554260
Luke Dean96466654260
Fernando DaSilva75797424158
Marko Kiric85874634158
Bobby Malhota75763484057
Paul Niederman77558523955
Daniel Obacz68347563955
Moose Bullum56576363854
Stephanie Najar55492673854
Dan Frankel77640853752D
Fred Matthews77253663651
Willis Cameron20767953651
Gary Morgan35568433448
Jeanie Nichols56531863448
Rob Frankel43860753347
Terry Terzian44973673245
Rich Ebner77442523144
Mike Sheer53848123144
Lenord Young84642412941
George Castellanos81544602840E
Ko Okubo73325612738
Asher Barnes65821412738
Gene Hale32564312434
Tom Brooks34242532332
Randy Lewis05534242332
Mark Dale10357332231
Dyne Johnson30550442130
Alicia Martinez43231411825
Christian Fernades00470631622
Danny Fernades0112030710
Kellie Fernandes000200022



Night Shoot Money Winners
Ed Najar – A Class – $91.00
Keenan Jackson – B Class – $65.00
Dirk South – C Class – $52.00
Dan Frankel – D Class – $26.00
George Castellanos – E Class – $26.00

Ammo Winners
Gene Hale – 4 Boxes
Fred Mathews – 3 Boxes
Luke Dean – 3 Boxes


It’s our pleasure to host this unique event and we’d like to thank everyone that participates. Remember, there’s only one place to shoot Sporting Clays at night and that’s Moore N’ Moore.

Hope to see you at the next one on Friday, August 4th. Mark your calendar and don’t miss it.

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