The Night Shoot – Aug 4, 2017

The Night Shoot Recap

50 Shooters attend! Another fun event at Moore N’ Moore. If you haven’t made it to a night shoot yet, you’re really missing out. The food is delish, the ambiance is great, the shooters are happy (probably because it’s Friday) and the sporting course is awesome! You really have to see it at night. What a great place to bring a date.

More women shooters than we’ve ever seen were in attendance for this Night Shoot and we’d like to thank them all for coming.

The 100 Yard Crosser – A hit!

At one point before dark, there was a line to shoot this target. The shooters even set up rules that you could only shoot a box before it was the next shooter’s turn. LOL! Well, we actually had six hits that night. WOW!

Congrats to Jim Bloomfield, Connor Muir, Raul Acosta, Mike Dieleman, Dave Murray and Bill Rhodes. Well done and welcome to the club, you guys. We still haven’t had a lady hit it. Be the first!

Photos and Videos by Jim Bloomfield

Jim Bloomfield was out snapping photos for this event. Check out what he caught… you’re going to love the video. Even he gets excited about the 100 yard crosser.

Video 1
Photo Album

The Food

We finally had plenty of food for this event. About 10 of the regular Night Shooters didn’t make it for this one but we’ll be ready for them next month. I can’t believe this event has the potential for 60+ shooters. How exciting. Dinner was delicious as usual. Thank you, Dana, for the incredible food.

The Results

Who won money and how much? Who won ammo? Check it out below…

Ed Najar7781088866A
Mike Dieleman779988865
Bill Rhodes887965859
Mike Burke759758859
Ryan Hutchins789745857
Raul Acosta84101056757
Alex Sedlachek677937651
Rich Xifo675566851
Marko Kiric835685650
Glenn Davis656666650
Dave Murray566874349
Aaron Farnsworth388565849B
Lou Moore777843549
Robert King247788648
Robert Martinez656528647
Ray Peru473708846
Bardon Perez459563846
Gary Steiner526665545
Robert Schubert648833445
Bob Nichols488542544
Mike Sedlachek725556844
Ryan Webster645554743C
Bob Webster638446543
Billy Young644655443
Dirk South566254442
Paul Niederman565173741
Daniel Obacz535456440
Tom Stephenson274463438
David Miller515655437
Stephanie Najar572872137
Lenord Young637443537
Randy Lewis236346837
Terance Tanaka358553337
Luke Dean746345336
Conner Muir545317536D
Scott Willis237554436
Keenan Jackson535624436
Sam Gregorian236434535
Jason Martinez826450735
John Tkach442162528
Greg Bahram443443428
Jeanie Nichols245325328
Ko Okubo373143427
Bryant Stanick323252625E
Jenny Hutchins313213323
Alicia Martinez214142423
Armen Kzelian112072217
John Brower320131117
Mike Harvey302211315
Jennifer Carter413100213

Night Shoot Money Winners
Ed Najar – A Class – $90.00
Aaron Farnsworth – B Class – $65.00
Ryan Webster – C Class – $51.00
Conner Muir – D Class – $25.00
Bryant Stanik – E Class – $25.00

Ammo Winners
David Miller – 4 Boxes
Bob Webster – 3 Boxes
Mike Burke – 3 Boxes


It’s our pleasure to host this unique event and we’d like to thank everyone that participates. Remember, there’s only one place to shoot Sporting Clays at night and that’s Moore N’ Moore.

Hope to see you at the next one on Friday, September 1st. Mark your calendar and don’t miss it.

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