May 26, 2019

A monthly NSCA event every 3rd Saturday of the month.

Register on


All events are registered with the NSCA.
 Prices do not include NSCA fees. 

  • Start Time 9 AM

    Registration starts at 8 AM.

  • 100 Main Event $80

    $20 back to class.

  • 50 Super Sporting $30

    $5 back to class.

  • 20 Ga. - 50 Targets $33

    $5 back to class.

  • 28 Ga. - 50 Targets $33

    $5 back to class.

  • .410 - 50 Targets $33

    $5 back to class.


Class purse and Lewis are additional ways of betting money on your performance.  Money back is not an option and is included as part of your entry fee.

$5 of each entry fee is placed into a pot based on class.  If 20 people are in your class the class pot would be $100.  Money splits every 7 entries.

Option money is paid by check within 7 to 14 days of the event. 

  • Class Purse $15
  • Lewis Class $10
  • Money Back $5
Jim Wathen, our first $1000 winner!

What’s a “Mega Drawing”?  Exactly how it sounds and we do this drawing every other month.  Here’s how it works… On the odd-numbered months, each shooter will receive 10 Mega Drawing tickets.  On the even-numbered months, each shooter receives 1 ticket.  At these events, after lunch, we draw 1 winner.  Here are the prizes you can choose from!  Remember, you don’t need to be good. Just lucky!

  • Beretta A400 Xplor in 12, 20 or 28 gauge.
  • $1000 in cash.
  • A Life Membership at Moore N' Moore
  • 3000 Practice Targets!

10-Ticket Dates

January 27
March 31
May 26
July 28
September 29

Drawing Dates

February 24
April 28
June 30
August 25
October 27
December 29


Pork chops, BBQ Chicken, Tri-Tip, mashed potatoes, green beans…you name it. We cook it.  However, to be included for lunch, we need you to pre-register for the event on so we’ll know how much food to buy.  Soft drinks and water are available with lunch.


Lunch is only available for Main Event shooters.  If you’d like lunch for a friend or spouse, please let the shooters eat first.  There is no charge for food, but tips are appreciated for extra food.

When is lunch served?

Immediately after the main event is completed, normally around 11:30 AM.  Serving ends around 12:30 PM.


If you won something at one of these events, you probably have a check with your name on it. Checks will be ready for pickup 7 days after your event.  Just mention the “Bread Box” when you come out to practice or when you visit us for an event.  Checks are void after 90 days so don’t forget to deposit them. Congratulations on your big win, you big winner you!

If you don’t pick up your check in time, we’ll issue a gift certificate for that amount which can be used for anything at Moore N’ Moore.