Attention long shot experts!

It’s easy to join the 100-yard club (sort of).  All you need to do is break the target. However, there are some rules…

  1. A witness must verify the break (and your mom doesn’t count).
  2. Shot sizes cannot exceed 7-1/2.
  3. Shoot as many times as needed.

You’ll receive a sticker for every gauge you break the target with.

If you’d like to take a shot at this long-distance bird, just ask us next time you’re in the office.

Good luck and triple your lead,


Select a Gauge

Only 20 shooters are listed. To see more, you can either search at the top of the table or click the arrows below the table.

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[table id=25 /]
[table id=26 /]

Depending on the gauge you hit the 100-yard target with, you’ll receive a sticker. Collect all 3 to show that, for you, long-range targets are no big deal. In fact, bring on the the 200-yard’er!