Attention long shot experts!

It’s easy to join the 100-yard club (sort of). Β All you need to do is break the target. However, there are some rules…

  1. A witness must verify the break (and your mom doesn’t count).
  2. Shot sizes cannot exceed 7-1/2.
  3. Shoot as many times as needed.

You’ll receive a sticker for every gauge you break the target with.

If you’d like to take a shot at this long-distance bird, just ask us next time you’re in the office.

Good luck and triple your lead,


Select a Gauge

Only 20 shooters are listed. To see more, you can either search at the top of the table or click the arrows below the table.

1Pazen, Rick πŸ₯‡8/1/171
2Bloomfield, Jim πŸ₯ˆ8/4/172
3Acosta, Raul πŸ₯‰8/4/177
4Muir, Conner8/4/171
5Murray, Dave πŸŒŸπŸ†8/4/174
6Rhodes, Bill 🌟8/4/177
7Dieleman, Mike8/4/172
8Steiner, Gary8/6/171
9Takasago, Richard8/6/171
10Dennison, Justin8/6/171
11Lozano, Chris8/6/172
12Becker, Bill8/6/171
13Kunkel, Dennis8/8/171
14Davis, Harry8/8/172
15Dorsey, John8/9/171
16Rainwaters, Brian8/9/172
17Marsh, Troy8/9/171
18Gerecke, Dereke8/9/171
19Tanaka, Terence8/10/172
20Ookubo, Ko 🌺8/10/171
21Jackson, Keenan8/10/171
22Scheer, Michael8/10/171
23Scheer, Kelly8/10/171
24Barnett, Michael8/11/171
25Colasanto, Shorty8/11/171
26Knight, Ron8/11/174
27Lewis, Curt8/11/172
28Moore, Cory8/11/171
29Bayne, Cameron 5️⃣ πŸ”ŸπŸŒŸ8/12/1710
30Elder, Kent8/12/172
31Jump, Jeff8/12/172
32Wathen, Jim8/12/171
33Farnsworth, Aaron8/13/172
34Hammond, Chris8/13/172
35Hammond, Janet8/13/171
36Willis, Cameron8/13/172
37Canales, Medardo8/15/171
38Xifo, RIch8/17/173
39Whitehurst, Bill8/18/171
40Busch, Mike 🌟8/19/173
41Mitchell, Brandon8/19/171
42Manchester, Brent8/19/171
43Izumi, Mike8/20/171
44Ecker, Anthony8/20/171
45Oulette, Ed8/20/171
46Birdt, Jon8/25/171
47Chavez, Robert8/24/171
48Hansen, Chuck8/24/171
49Campbell, Chris8/24/171
50Escalette, Phil8/27/172
51Soller, Kris8/27/172
52Moir, Robert8/31/171
53Bomar, Eli9/4/171
54Lazzaretto, Adnrew9/4/171
55Burke, Mike9/4/171
56Martinez, Robert9/4/172
57Roth, Robert9/6/171
58Rainwaters, Matt9/8/171
59Hummel, Buzz9/9/171
60Hummel, Dennis9/9/171
61Navarro, Josh9/9/172
62Myers, Anthony9/9/172
63Pierce, Paul9/10/171
64Tison, Tim9/10/171
65Zozaya, Destiny πŸ‘§πŸ»9/10/171
66Kelly, Tony9/13/171
67Gerecke, Cooper πŸ‘¦πŸ»9/16/173
68Beeman, Mike9/16/171
69Silverman, Aaron9/17/171
70Morgan, Gary9/19/172
71Brooks, Tom9/19/171
72Magno, Sixto9/24/171
73Keer, Dave9/24/171
74Oliver, Howard9/27/171
75Gruber, Robert9/30/171
76Dobbins, Will10/1/171
77Miles, Kevin10/1/171
78Thompson, Bob10/8/171
79Sampang, Joval10/10/171
80Torres, Robin10/10/171
81Miller, David10/11/173
82Covey, Ray10/14/172
83DeLong, Greg10/21/172
84Lewis, Ryan10/21/171
85Limbo, Frank10/21/171
1Terence, Tanaka πŸ₯‡8/10/171
2Ookubo, Ko πŸ₯ˆπŸŒΊ8/10/171
3Jackson, Keenan πŸ₯‰8/10/171
4Murray, Dave πŸŒŸπŸ†8/11/171
5Davis, Harry8/11/171
6Rhodes, Bill 🌟8/11/172
7Bayne, Cameron 🌟8/19/171
8Elder, Kent9/4/172
9Busch, Mike 🌟9/4/172
10Burke, Mike9/4/171
11Beeman, Mike10/21/171
1Rhodes, Bill πŸ₯‡πŸŒŸ8/6/171
2Murray, Dave πŸ₯ˆπŸŒŸπŸ†8/11/171
3Bayne, Cameron πŸ₯‰πŸŒŸ8/19/171
4Takasago, Richard8/31/171
5Busch, Mike 🌟9/15/171

Depending on the gauge you hit the 100-yard target with, you’ll receive a sticker. Collect all 3 to show that, for you, long-range targets are no big deal. In fact, bring on the the 200-yard’er!