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Target Points

Spend. Earn. Save. Yay!

$1 = 1 Point

Loyalty is important and now we’re rewarding it!  Moore N’ Moore is excited to introduce our new Loyalty Program and points system.  We’re calling them Target Points.  Here’s how it works…

Every dollar you spend at Moore N’ Moore = 1 Target Point.   You can cash in these points for rewards on practice targets, ammo, clothing, cleaning supplies and more!

So, on your next visit to Moore N’ Moore, give us your phone number and start building those points.  We can already hear you saying thanks in your head so…you’re welcome!  Here’s some of the rewards and points you’ll need to get them.



Got questions?


This reward system is offered at no extra cost to you.  Think of it as a big, fat,  ‘thank you’ for being such a great customer!  As prices increase or products are removed, rewards discounts and prizes can be changed without notice.  Point requirements for certain rewards may also be adjusted without notice.  In the event that the point system is removed, replaced by a new system, or data becomes accidentally lost from individual accounts, Moore N’ Moore is not be obligated for reimbursement whether it be financial or in the form of future discounts or prizes.

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