Super Sporting 150

December 14, 2019


An Exclusive Moore N' Moore Event

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What is Super Sporting?
This event is shot just like regular Sporting Clays but with 3-4 clay throwers at each station instead of 2.  Also, you will shoot singles from each of the machines first, followed by set pairs utilizing all of the machines.  You can only preview the single targets and previewing doubles is not allowed.  You have full use of the shotgun on your singles (2 shots at each), if needed..

4 machines to choose from at every station.

Targets, targets, everywhere!
You’re going to see 60 different target presentations over 15 stations for a total of 150 targets.  That’s a lot!  Brace yourself for a lot of fun and a lot of money back to class!


  • Money Back to Class $50
  • Class Purse $20
  • Lewis Class $10

Class purse and Lewis are additional ways of betting money on your performance.  Money back is not an option and is included as part of your entry fee.

$50 of each entry fee is placed into a pot based on class.  If 20 people are in your class the class pot would be $1000.  Money splits 60/40, 1st and 2nd place.

Option money is paid by check within 7 to 14 days of the event. 


We’re having Tri-Tip Folks!  World Famous Moore N’ Moore Tri-Tip is included with each entry fee.  Don’t miss it!  If you’re vegetarian, call us and we’ll provide a special lunch for you.


We’ll be mailing your winnings to the address that ScoringPRO provides us.  If you think the NSCA has your incorrect address, please visit and update your info.

If we mail your check and it bounces back as a bad address, we’ll keep it at the club.

There is a 90 day expiration day on all checks.  If you wait until it expires, we’ll provide you a gift card for the full value you can use for whatever you like at Moore N’ Moore.

Thanks for shooting with us and congratulations on your win!