Silver Series – March 18, 2017


Not only was the turnout great with 83 in the main event and 50 in the Super Sporting, but the weather was absolutely beautiful.  The targets were good and so was the shooting. A very tight race at the top showed many scores within 1 target of one another and many shooters above 90.


Wow! Curtis Lessel with an outstanding 96×100. Highest score we’ve seen in quite a while. Great job Curtis. Hot on his trail was Nicolas Berry with a 95 for RU and John Bowman with 94 taking 3rd over all.  Fernando Da Silva and Rick Brauer tying for B class with 82×100. This was Fernando’s first shoot in months, nice comeback! And check out young Dylan Cook posting a score truly worth of the AA class with 90×100. Look out M-class, here he comes. Ms. Josey Martin, already in M class and taking M1 with 93×100. Great shooting Josey! Highest lifetime score for Rick Pazen who won D class with a 78×100. Way to go Rickster. Dennis Gerasimenko, rocked an 89×100 to lead the A class. I think I’ll start shooting again once Dennis gets into AA. Lastly to Chuck Hansen. I think this is his 3rd NSCA event and he leads E class by 3 birds. You’ll be in D soon I’m sure…if not already.


Sporting Clays instruction super-duo Candice and John Fowler are proud to see 4 students win their class at this event. Fernando, Dennis, Rick P and Mike B in Super Sporting. If you’d like to win your class too, give them a call or check out their website at

Here’s a list of the class winners from the Silver Series last Sat. To see all results, payouts and station by station results, click the button below.

Main Event Super Sporting 
HOA Curtis Lessel Nicolas Berry
RU Nicolas Berry Fabrizio Buschini
3rd John Bowman Dave Winstead
M1 Josey Martin Jimmy Heller
AA1 Dylan Cook Dylan Cook
A1 Dennis Gerasimenko Larthel Olsen
B1 Fernando Da Silva Tom Roberts
B1 Rick Brauer
C1 Brandon Mitchell Carl Pongs
D1 Rick Pazen Mike Busch
E1 Chuck Hansen William Stevenson
H1 Nathan Doorneweerd N/A


  • $426 will be paid to the NSCA.
  • $213 will be paid to the CSCA.
  • $2285 will be made in total payouts.


But if you’re smart, you’ll stay home and go to the Mulligun 400 instead. It’s way more prestigious to win the Mulligun 400. Also, the regionals doesn’t have Argentina 🙂


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