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The great support continues!

Last December, the Creek Fire burned up all of our buildings and a big portion of our machines, yet here we are in February, throwing an awesome NSCA event for 72-shooters with half-cooked machines and charred-backgrounds. However, all those singed machines worked flawlessly and the backgrounds are getting greener every day. Check the pictures below!

All in all, the targets were great, the scores were good, and the E, D, C and B classes were chock-full of people.┬á We didn’t get too many from the other classes, but you have to remember, those people’s lives are filled with Krieghoff photoshoots, ammunition contracts, and a jet-set lifestyle. Oh wait, that’s just Nick Berry. ­čÖé

OK OK, I kid. Let’s put aside the jokes for a moment so I can focus on seriously thanking those that shot with us on Saturday and especially the 6 new shooters who will be joining the NSCA ranks in 2018.

Speaking of heroes…

Josey Martin continues to hone her skills at Moore N’ Moore on a weekly basis. Learning the nooks and crannies of the Moore N’ Moore landscape only to have hard-work pay off big time when she took the HOA position at this event with a 91×100. Close behind her were Michael Dieleman and Kevin Newlen who both shot 90×100. A shoot-off was had between Mike and Kevin at station 1 where we shot a true pair from the A and B targets about 20 yards behind the shooting station. Mike came out victorious, but it was a good shoot-off. Congratulations to all 3 of you.

E-Class also had a showdown between Dirk Seib and Troy Christian who both shot impressive 71×100. Unfortunately, Troy vamoosed off the property shortly after lunch which gave Dirk the default win. Congratulations to you Dirk on your new buckle and to both of you on some fine shooting.

How did everyone else do?

Below we have a list of the class winners, but if you’d like to see the entire field of competitors, visit ScoringPro where you’ll find all the money payouts and scores from this event.

See results on ScoringPro

Photos by Jim Bloomfield

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