Daily Practice
  • Public Targets 68¢ ea.
  • Member Targets 49¢ ea.
Prepaid Target Cards

Available to Club Members only.

  • 1000 Targets 44¢ ea.
  • 2000 Targets 42¢ ea.
  • 3000 Targets 38¢ ea.


  • Beretta A400 Rental $35
  • Zoli Over Under $60
  • Beretta DT-11 Over Under $100
  • Blaser F3 Over Under $100
  • Gun/Ammo Caddy $15
  • Shooting Vest $15
  • Shell Pouch $5
  • Covered Ear Protection $5

Gun Rental Info

Hey there! If you’re thinking about renting a shotgun, there are a few things you should know.

First of all, you need to have at least one other person in your group (whether they’re a member or not) to rent a shotgun. But if you have one of our instructors with you, that works too.

Just a heads up – you need to be 21 or over to rent a shotgun, but if you’re younger than that, don’t fret. You can rent one if you’re with someone who is 21 or older, or with one of our certified instructors.

Make sure you bring your ID or passport and a credit card when you come. We’ll need that credit card as a deposit to make sure you bring the shotgun back safe and sound. And speaking of that, please return it in the same condition you got it in to avoid any repair fees.


Beretta DT-11, Blaser F3 and Zoli over under’s are now available.  Call in advance for availability or for us to hold a certain shotgun for you.

Semi-Automatic Beretta shotguns in 12ga, and 20ga.  We now have Youth Model 12ga shotguns with shortened stocks for smaller framed people.