The Night Shoot – Sept 22, 2017

The Night Shoot Recap

65 Shooters attend!┬áThe all-time record! Wow, I would have never thought this event would get this popular. Everyone finished by 10 PM too. This event we didn’t throw Argentina. I guess a game that’s fast, actually slowed things up a bit. We’re not saying goodbye to Argentina just yet. Some of our shooters missed it. Also, I have a good lead on some 300W LED lights and there’s a very good chance we’ll be adding a little illumination to the back stations 7, 8 and 9! Woohoo, maybe if the lights are good enough, we’ll hold a NSCA shoot at night in the early Spring.

Thanks to everyone that attended!

We had a lot of new faces at this event. Glad to see everyone came out for a good time and we hope to see you at the next one on Friday, October 6th.

The Results

Who won money and how much? Well, I’ll just say that the pots are big for this one. A, B and C class winners paid for their entries and their ammo too. Not bad!

Mike Dieleman108108885865A
Gary Steiner107107756658
Kevin Miles 88107656454
Bill Rhodes 66105676753
Dave Murray8794887253
Aaron Farnsworth8866775350
Bill Cooper10786264649
Bob Webster8858464649
Glenn Davis9576477348
Keenan Jackson27107376547
Tom Brooks67106245747
Al Morla57102676447
Willis Cameron7593267847
Tom Stephenson5687825546
April Vargas76104337646B
Eli Bomar5467656645
Ryan Hutchins3877773345
Blaine Kolarik7785347445
Mike Moon5775581644
Ken Cooper10773346343
Sam Gregorian5576528543
Rob Roth36105355542
George Castellanos 3678664242
Jeff Go3584674542
Terence Tanaka4667754140
Geoffrey Tyndall5656336539
Tony Kelly9642744339C
Ed Serra4696332538
Mike Power3764345638
Luke Dean2555644637
Lynn Moon3466465236
Patrick Panacci7453642435
Alf Knudsen6573512635
Ryan Webster3655544335
Greg Bahrman4751644435
Dave Koch6551633635
Don Tyndall4653553334
Will Dobbins5452338434
Andy Horan3652852334
Sukrab Khramtov5354454434
Brian Rainwaters6634233633D
Mark Reid4447454133
Kristina Horan4676232232
Rich Xifo6372235230
Lenord Young0344725530
Paul Corisanti4332464329
Paul Foote2781601429
Mark Bower3724253329
Gary Morgan2465430327
Mike St Johns0535433427
Danny Vahidi4454213427
Dennis Smith4343412223
Kate Lindsey 3222120719E
Christopher Hench3352400017
Alex Karimov3432202117
Nurmat Karimov4331121217
Jesper Inglis3532021016
Chris Funcke3301132215
Abu Agzamov222101008
Mike Harvey210021107
Orrin Terry004000015
Brad McLaughlin211010005
Liz Higgins010100002
Ashley Furnival 000000000

Mike Dieleman – A Class – $106.00
April Vargas – B Class – $76.00
Tony Kelly – C Class – $61.00
Brian Rainwaters – D Class – $30.00
Kate Lindsey – E Class – $30.00

4 Boxes: Mike Power
3 Boxes: Ashley Furnival
3 Boxes: Lynn Moon


It’s our pleasure to host this unique event and we’d like to thank everyone that participates.

See you on Friday, October 6 for another great “THE NIGHT SHOOT” at Moore N’ Moore.


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