The Night Shoot – Oct 6, 2017

Ally Ebner takes a shot at the low fast quartering target speeding by.
The Night Shoot Recap

40 Shooters made it to this one! Not a bad turnout for a Friday night in October. Good news, we’re going to continue the Night Shoot during the winter as long as the winds allow (and the RSVP’s continue. Speaking of the RSVP, I’d like to thank those that do. If you could maybe RSVP a day or two in advance, that would be even better. As the winter months approach, we need to know how many people are coming even more than the Summer months.

It was a very pleasant night this past Friday and the moon was looking large. As you can see in the photos, it almost looks as if there’s a huge light pole in the distance but nope, it was a full Moon and a great Halloween experience. Thank you all for helping make this a great event!


Mike Dieleman shot amazingly with a 69×70. Unreal buddy! This is Mike’s first big event and he was very nervous, but somehow he rose to the top under the immense pressure. Way to go, Mike and I hope there’s a future for you in Sporting Clays <:)

Photos by me and Dave Murray

Sorry that Jim Bloomfield couldn’t make it this Friday so you’re going to have to deal with my iPhone pics taken at horrible angles. However, all the picture you actually like were most likely taken by Dave Murray who used a different phone. Thank you, Dave, for offering up your photos for the recap.

The Dinner!

Dana put out another great meal with humongous chicken drumsticks, mashed potatoes, and corn. We also had cookies! It’s amazing to watch her work. She truly is a wonderful chef..(and mother, wife, partner, friend). Ok, now that I’ve gathered loads of wife-points, let’s talk shooting-results!

The Results

Who won money and how much? Who won ammo? Check it out!

NAMETOTAL out of 70
Mike Dieleman69
Gary Steiner62
Eli Bomar62
Ed Najar61
Mike Causey60
Dave Murray60
Raul Acosta59
Bill Rhodes59
Thomas Dykier57
Kevin Miles54
Pat Deegan53
Robert Martinez52
Connor Muir51
Brian Rainwaters50
David Miller50
Chris Campbell50
Blane Kolarik49
Bob Webster48
Todd Young48
Rich Xifo48
Paul Fitzgerald48
Connor Muir48
Stephanie Najar47
Alicia Martinez47
Tony Kelley46
Paul Foote45
Steve Gleit45
Terrance Tanaka45
George Castellanos44
Geoff Tyndall43
Lenard Young42
Paul Niedermann42
David Miller 242
Robert Roth41
Sam Gregorian39
Gregg Bahrman39
April Vargas38
Don Tyndall38
Dru Fitzgerald36
Armand Kzelian34



Night Shoot Money Winners
Mike Dieleman – A Class – $78.00
Thomas Dykier – B Class – $58.50
Blane Kolarik – C Class – $39.00
Paul Foote – D Class – $19.50

Ammo Winners
Mike Causey – 5 Boxes
Greg Bahrman – 3 Boxes
Armen Kzelan – 2 Boxes


It’s our pleasure to host this unique event and we’d like to thank everyone that participates. Remember, there’s only one place to shoot Sporting Clays at night and that’s Moore N’ Moore.

Hope to see you at the next one on Friday, November 3rd. Mark your calendar and don’t miss it.

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