Mulligun 400 – Oct 29, 2017

The Mulligun 400 Recap!

The theme for this event: Smoking!

Nobody was smoking on the course or anything, however, there were some serious smokeballs taking place in the sky. Station 8 in fact, had the most that I could see. People were screwing in their skeet and cylinder chokes, but the guys who wanted to have a good time kept in their imods and fulls. It was pretty cool! This station had two very close targets, one of which that just hung in the air as if it was on a string. Loved it!

Who was on fire?

Lots of shooters had their best scores yesterday.  They say if you can shoot good here you can shoot good anywhere. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

With that said, I wanted to personally congratulate Bill Cooper on his 45×50 in the Super Sporting. If you’re reading this with a beer, raise your glass to Adam Gelbart on 89×100 for Runner-Up overall while he’s only in B-Class (dilly dilly if it’s a Bud Light). Bravo Keith Ackerman on his 86×100 in the main. Magnifico, Aaron Farnsworth on breaking 81×100! And to Rick Pazen for staying in the 80s for the last two events and a kick-a** performance in Super Sporting with 47×50. Lastly, big cheers to Ryan Hutchins for shooting an awesome 80 to win his class in the main. I’m not sure if those were their highest recorded scores, but they were very good. Great shooting to all of you!


MAIN EVENT: Drew Borda. You took down some heavy-hitters in the Master Class too, you should be proud. Especially for just entering Master Class. I’m not sure if this is your first event as a Master, but apparently the pressure isn’t an issue. Thanks for coming big guy, and we’ll see ya soon. Great shooting! Also, Drew is the first picture in the photo series on this page. Click the pages to see the comments about who is who.

SUPER SPORTING: Phil Clugston!  Yesterday, Phil shot an amazing 49×50. Congratulations, Phil. Phil’s photo is right below Drew’s photo in the photo series.

How about the results?

Here are the class winners. If you’d like the full results, payouts and punches, make sure you visit ScoringPro.

Here’s another video from Stn. 12

Watch until the end and comment what you think happened to Phil below!

Thank you, Jim Bloomfield!

Jim was up to his ninja-tactics once again with some great pics and videos you weren’t aware were being made. Thanks for the great videos and pics, Jim. If you’d like to see all the pictures from this event, visit our Facebook page here. You don’t need to have a Facebook account so check them out.

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