Connor Muir, Dave Miller and photobomb expert, Chris Lozano in the back.

 Connor Muir and Dave Miller.  You can tell by the picture that these guys hate each other. You can feel the brotherly love on their scoresheet too.


Mulligun Recap

Great turnout and a beautiful day!

Pasquale Roberto, owner of San Carlo Deli in Chatsworth. Clicky the pic to be transported to Italy. Here’s a tip, wear your stretch pants when you go.

The rain we’ve had lately has really turned the place green. Is it Scotland or San Fernando?  Well, I’m sure Scotland has more graffiti.  Ok, Ok, no more jabs at Scotland. Let’s get back to San Fernando (sigh) and recap yesterday’s Mulligun NSCA Fun Shoot.

That morning, the weather was ideal for shooting and probably played a big role in the great turnout.

The great weather also reflected why the scores were up in the stratosphere.  The average score was just over 76. A shocking 10% of the shooters were in the 90’s and 33% shot in the 80’s. Crazy!  Oh, and the HOA score was a stellar 98×100 shot by Nick Berry. I think that might be the highest NSCA score shot at Moore N’ Moore in nearly 10 years. Way to go Nick, congratulations and great shooting to everyone who did so well.

I’d also like to shine a spotlight on a couple of hot shots, like C-Class’ Kevin Miles who shot his personal Moore N’ Moore best with 90×100. Great work, Kev! Also, AA-Class’ Jim Bowen who shot a 92. Jim hasn’t had much time behind the gun lately and has been working his way back up the scoreboard. His 92 really stood out for me and I thought it should be mentioned. Congrats, Jim!

The Results


You’ll find yesterday’s full set of results and payouts at ScoringPRO. Click the orange button below so you can sit there and compare your score to shooters in higher classes and be like…

Don’t tell me you haven’t done this before. I’ve seen you guys doing it during the shoot. lol

Take me to ScoringPRO!



I’d just like to apologize for the photos. They were taken by me and my phone was dying so I didn’t get too many. Jim B was living in luxury by the beach this week and Milton was off judging a car show with skanks in leather outfits. Soon, we’ll get back to quality pics and videos, I promise. Here they are…. 4 pics. Yep… 4! I’m what they call a shutterbug I guess. 😛


Is it always this good?

Yep, the lunch was delicious as usual. Thanks to the lovely Dana and Diana who put together another rib-stickin’ classic of BBQ’d butterflied chicken thighs, bbq cowboy beans, cole slaw and sliced French baguettes and Focaccia bread with butter. OMNOMNOM! The girls also wanted me to tell everyone thanks for the hearty gratuities. Much appreciated, everyone.

What’s Next?

April 1st, 2018

Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day all combined into 1 awesome shoot. That’s right, it’s the BIG BONANZA BLAST! Including all the regular fun plus the first flight will have 200 Easter Eggs placed around the course. Each egg will have jelly beans and of course, raffle tickets. Some will have 1 ticket, 2 tickets, 5 tickets or 10 tickets. Easter bunny only shows up for the 1st flight, so if you sleep until the 2nd flight, you’re going to miss out on the hunt.

Hope to see you there! April 1st, 2018. For more information about the event like starting times, fees and the bi-annual drawing, click here.