Mulligun 400 – Feb 26, 2017


February has been wet, and yesterday was no different. I’d say about 95% of the day was pretty dry, but sign-ups along with the first station or 2 were drizzly. The dark clouds were tough on orange targets. Even the black targets were somewhat difficult to see in certain presentations. Despite the funky weather, it was a great shoot. The first NSCA Registered Argentina event was also a success.

Also, the turnout was great for a “not so perfect” day. 64 shooters in the main event and 35 in the Argentina 2. If the Sun was out and everyone that registered would have actually attended, it would have been a beauty!

We gave everyone a free round of Argentina at station 1 as they were shooting the main event. We hope everyone enjoyed this new event and we received some great feedback from shooters on how to make it even better. We probably won’t take that advice, but we sure appreciate it (just kidding). If you liked it, thank Jim Bloomfield when you see him. He brought it back to life. Thank you Jim. This is a huge asset to the club.


I’m planning to add a page to our website that shows the people who shot the very first NSCA registered Argentina event in the United States. The NSCA Hall of Fame at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio will want this list. These shooters will be recognized as pioneers. You’ll be the Neil Armstrong’s of your generation. Don’t be surprised if Time magazine doesn’t call. Too much?


I’d like to point out some exceptional shooting that took place yesterday. First off, Anthony Deluca punches into D class with a 70×100 in yesterday’s Main Event. Hard work pays off, Tony. Keep it up!

Also, Kenneth Bradshaw for winning B class. Great shooting Ken.

And of course, I won’t fail to mention our HOA in yesterday’s main, John Bowman who pulled off a 90×100. John hasn’t shot in 8 months, his job called him yesterday at the club and he almost pulled out of the event. I guess the job’s urgency wasn’t necessary or maybe John just re-prioritized life and put shooting first (which I encourage everyone to do). Anyway, great shooting John!  It was good to see you again and we look forward to more HOA’s in the future.

As for Argentina, Mike Busch and Aaron Farnsworth rocked it in D and E class respectively. Congrats to both of you, that was great shooting. Let’s not forget our two Argentina All-Stars posting 44×50, John Fowler and Omar Tedmori who took HOA and RU. Excellente!

Here’s an overview of the class winners for both events.

Main Event Argentina 
HOA John Bowman John Fowler
RU Fabrizio Buschini Omar Tedmori
3rd John Fowler Fabrizio Buschini
M1 Ed Najar Candice Fowler
AA1 Jeff Jump Craig Tsuchiyama
A1 Cameron Bayne Larthel Olsen
B1 Kenneth Bradshaw Glenn Yamashita
C1 Earl Mc Gillen Mark Lambert
D1 Ray Covey Mike Busch
E1 Anthony Deluca Aaron Farnsworth


  • 55% of the Main Event competitors also shot the Argentina
  • The average score on the Argentina was 34×50.
  • The average score on the Main Event was 66×100.
  • Easiest station for the both events was station 12.
  • Most difficult station in Argentina was #8 (all True Pairs)
  • Most difficult station in the Main Event was #7 (big crossers)
  • Nearly $1400 will be made in total payouts.
  • $326 will be paid to the NSCA.
  • $163 will be paid to the CSCA.


Jim Bloomfield came out early at the start of the event and snapped these photos. He also got some video from the Argentina event on station 8. You can find that on our facebook page as well. Click here to see the photos and please LIKE our page while you’re there. Thanks!

Eduardo Garcia
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