134 Shooters in the Main, 76 in Super!

That’s a big day for a little club like ours and what an exciting way to bring a close to 2018.  The year started off a little shaky for us but ended with a shoot that exceeded our expectations.   Tons of new faces came out for this awesome shoot. Why?  Well, we gave away loads of great stuff.  Like $1000 worth of gift certificates to MNM, a Sporting Clays cart from, a pair fo Pilla shooting glasses, 3 Beretta A400 12 gauges and the surprise mystery gift of…(drrrruuuummm rroooolll) a Beretta A400 28ga.  WOOHOO!

We also provided a pretty awesome lunch with your choice of pork chops, tri tip or BBQ chicken.  Diana and Dana wanted to say thank you all for the generosity in their tip jar.  Very classy, you guys!

The targets were really exciting too with plenty of challenge and hitability (not a word I know).  Even station 14 moved a little.

Who won what in the drawing?

The winner’s list was full of locals which many call Moore N’ Moore their home club (they almost never miss a Mulligun either).  And the lucky winners were…

A400 – 12 GA #1

Jimmy Heller

A400 – 12 GA #2

Jim Webb

A400 – 12 GA #3

Al Matsuno

A400 – 28 GA

Jason Martinez

Pilla Glasses

Gary Morgan

Sporting Cart

Curt Lewis

$500 Certificate

Mike Sterling

$300 Certificate

Allen Peppers

$200 Certificate

Rob Martinez


The Scores & Payouts

Congratulations to Wyatt Hambly and Curtis Lessel who both shot 91×100 in the main event and congratulations to Dave Murray and Michael Moon who both shot 46×50 in the Super Sporting.

So who is Wyatt Hambly?  While he’s a stranger to our club, I’m sure this young shooter is probably well known in his town of Paso Robles.  His coach, Kyler Hamann is one of the better shots in CA so that never helps. All we have to say is this kid was a very nice guy and we look forward to him and his family returning for some more Mulligun 400 fun in the future. Congrats to all the winners!  Here’s a quick glance at the class/concurrent winners. Remember there are ties for some of these class winners so please check out all the scores and money payouts by clicking the orange button below. Thanks!

M = Curtis Lessel 91×100
AA = Kyle MacDonald 87×100
A = Michael Moon 87×100
B = Ryan Gray 88×100
C = Gavin Navarro 83×100
D = Chris Campbell 75×100
E = Georgia McCaffrey 68×100
H = Fred Matthews 79×100
Sub Jr = Sarah Mard 83×100
Junior = Wyatt Hambly 91×100
Vet = Curtis Lessel 91×100
Super Vet = Medardo Canales 88×100
Senior Super Vet = Norman Smith 85×100
Lady = Sarah Mard 83×100

M = Shabaz Bassi 45×50
AA = Arthur McCaul 44×50
A = Dave Murray 46×50
B = Nathan Smith 43×50
C = Michael Zozaya 41×50
D = Joel Pugh 39×50
E = Jim Davis 32×50
Sub Jr = Hunter Seymore 41×50
Junior = Shabaz Bassi 45×50
Vet = Dave Murray 46×50
Super Vet = Arthur McCaul 44×50
Senior Super Vet = Curtis Lewis 40×50
Lady = Patricia White 39×50

Full Shoot Report



We’ve got pics from Jim on Facebook and a few from Malina right here. Be sure to stop by our Facebook page to like and share the album by Jim Bloomfield. Get the word out!

Facebook Pics right here!


We have a whole new plan for the Mulligun next year.  Instead of a drawing at the end of the year, we’re going to have a drawing bi-monthly…Here’s an example of how it works.

At the January Mulligun you’ll receive 10 drawing tickets.
At the February Mulligun you’ll receive 1 drawing ticket and a chance to win your choice of a Beretta A400 in any gauge, or $1000 cash, or 3000 practice targets at Moore N’ Moore.

At the March Mulligun, we throw away Jan and Feb tickets and get you started with 10 fresh new tickets.
In April you’ll receive 1 ticket and we’ll do another drawing for another grand prize.

Sounds like a fun new program and we hope you’ll like it. Lots of opportunities to win some great items all year long.

Thanks for shooting with us and we look forward to an outstanding 2019.  See you at Moore N’ Moore!