The Glavin 400 Recap

Here’s to you, Dave!

As a tribute to our friend Dave Glavin whom we lost last week, we’d like to call this month’s Mulligun event the Glavin 400. I’d like to thank Bill Rhodes for his kind words remembering Dave and mentioning how we sometimes lose sight of what’s important and how each day is a blessing.

If you didn’t already know, Dave took a good picture… and I don’t mean he was a photographer. Dave has been the Mulligun featured photo on our website for a few years now and will continue to be so. Above is a picture of the incredible carts Dave designed to make everyone not only look cooler but keep their guns in a safe push-cart. If you thought Dave was a good shooter, he was an even better Golfer which is where Dave’s inspiration for the golf-cart retrofit was created. Not only was he a great sportsman, the guy could make anything. He had the tools and the brainpower to envision anything you wanted to be made. With all these great attributes Dave had, he was one of the best guys you could meet. He was a man’s man that you instantly respected. As you got to know him, your respect for him grew even bigger. He was an outdoorsman. He was an ambassador of our sport (as I’m sure he was in Golf too). He was a blessing to know as a friend and his biggest priority was family. We’ll miss you Dave and hopefully, we’ll cross paths again some day.

The Scores

Scores were looking good this week with some stunning performances. Kelly Erisman shot the best score of his life with 78×100 which he immediately said had something to do with Dave Glavin whom he thanked for the help.  Dave Porter also mentioned that he had his all-time highest score yesterday too. Congratulations, Dave.

Newcomer Robert Schubert breaking 90×100 was pretty noteworthy too.  Young Robert spent 1 shoot in E class where he immediately moved to D. He attended an event at Raahauges where he won his class and then comes out to light-up the D class again at Moore N’ Moore. Incredible for a new shooter. It’s always great to see raw talent show itself. Oh, and he broke the 90 with 2 different rental guns. See you in C class, Robert.

AA-Class Kevin Newlen had a weekend to remember. Saturday he attended the Kern County NSCA fun shoot in Bakersfield where he took HOA and then he did it again on Sunday at the Glavin 400. He got HOA at last month’s Mulligun too. Keep it up, Kevin!

Let’s not forget about some fine shooting by Mark Nelson and Ryan Holmes who both shot 45×100 in the Super Sporting tying for HOA. By shoot-off, Mark was victorious by 1 target. It was a very hot day and shooting off at 3 PM was tough. Congratulations to both of you.

New 100-Yard Inductees.

Kris Soller and Phil Escalette take down the behemoth not once, but twice during the Super Sporting event. Google “Happiness” and you’re going to see this picture.

That’s a wrap!

Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday’s Glavin 400. It was a great day. It was a HOT day. The food and camaraderie were excellent. If you’d like to know what’s happening next at Moore N’ Moore just keep scrolling down where you’ll find the Next Up list as well as our calendar. See you soon!