Gerald Shelley Memorial Shoot – May 13, 2017

Gerald Shelley

5th Annual Already?

How time flies!

Seems like yesterday we had the first Gerald Shelley Memorial Shoot and every year they just get better and better. This year had loads of fun things to report. Like what you might ask? How about 3 people won a new Beretta A300 shotgun from Pacific Sporting Arms, a B-Class Sub-Junior ties for HOA with a 96, 4 thrilling shoot-offs took place, 83 shooters finished by 11:30 am and my son Noah grabs the mic and does his rendition of “We Will Rock You” acapella during the raffle… too much? Nope, all of that actually happened…even the 11:30 part. It was a perfect day for commemorating a good friend.

Shoot Offs Galore!

Let me set the scene…Buckles for 1st and 2nd places are waiting to meet their new owners. The dust has settled from the main event. Stomachs are stuffed with pork and chicken. Pre-Raffle anxiety is starting to set in.  Station 1 is the location with targets set by Nick Berry and they’re…spicy to say the least. What happened next?

Names in Bold won their shoot off.

B- Class 2nd Place, between Paul Cain and Dave Murray,
A – Class 1st Place between Kenton Moore and Dereke Gerecke.
AA – Class 2nd Place between Mitchell Garrett and Dylan Cook.
HOA between Master Joey Zerr and B – Class Sub Junior, Cooper Gerecke.

Great shooting guys and great shooting in the shoot offs. All were within 1 or 2 targets of each other and the targets were stout.

Joey Zerr - HOA Champ
A So Cal Top Gun!
So Cal Top Guns at Station 8


Here are the winners! If you’d like to see who participated and how they shot, please visit ScoringPRO.

A Special Thank You

We’d like to thank Kim Madison, Leonard Raimondo, Fabrizio Buschini, Nick Buschini, Linda Hilton, SoCal Top Guns, Troy Marsh and Pacific Sporting Arms. Also to Jim Bloomfield for taking some great photos of the event. To Pat, Janet and Noah Moore for preparing a great lunch. To Nick Berry for assisting with shoot off duties. And finally to our helpful staff that made the event run smoothly without a single broken bird.

See you all next year!

Moore N’ Moore

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