47 Shooters Attend!

If you’re not shooting this event, you might be too serious. 🙂

Hey everyone, thanks for making this event so much fun.  Local fun-seekers were out and about for the great weather and fun target presentations.  We had 2 Super Sporting stations and 2 Argentina Clays stations for this event.  Gotta love those random targets.

As far as the attendance goes, we had 10 more than last month which is great.  So many were new shooters this time and the regulars were MIA with back problems or cleaning their garages (it is Spring ya know).   I hope next month both groups will converge to make the money pots even bigger!

It was a beautiful day to shoot and the March rains subsided long enough to give the SoCal shooters a great weekend of sunny weather approaching the 80s.

This time we added an old game we came up with called Buddy Up.  Look for it at the Big Bonanza too and we’ll probably be adding some other fun cash-making events like Lucky Stations and the 5/5/5 (more to come on that).  Shooters had the option to play Buddy Up for $5 which randomly paired them with another shooter on the course.  If those two shooters combined their scores and were higher than everyone else, they got to split the pot.  This time, the two shooters were Ed Najar and Curt Lewis who both walked away with $62.00!   Not only did they win money,  now they’re best buddies.  Hey, if you can’ t make friends the old fashioned way, winning money together works too.

47 Shooters made for 5 Lewis Classes in the main event which split the money accordingly: 36% – 26% – 16% – 12% – 10%.  Even the last class winner won $47 which nearly paid for his/her entry.

How were the scores?  The scores were big!  Keep reading to see who won and how much.


The Scores & Payouts

Ed Najar took top billing with 99! Shooting a 20ga pump, Ed has single-handedly lowered the pump handicap by 2 targets.  Now they get 3.  So for all you guys with pump guns that won’t shuck, it’s time to clean those suckers and buy some RemOil.

Also, the 28 gauges handicap will be increased by 2 and the .410 will also be raised by 2 since many of the .410 shotguns are pumps.  Ed Najar, your powerful shotgunning skills are creating mucho handicap bookwork!

Check out these great scores.  Good job to all the winners!

Fun Gun Shootout - Mar 2019

A beautiful day to shoot and win big money!


With 47 people, we had $470 in the pot.  Here’s how it divided (36% – 26% – 16% – 12% – 10%).  If there’s one thing we’ve all learned from this event.  It’s good to be Ed.  For now!  The 20 ga. handicap is going to get nerfed a little down to 4 targets for next event.  Feel free to remind me of this too.

A Class Winner – Ed Najar $169
B Class Winner – Mike Rateau $122
C Class Winner – Terry Terzian $75
D Class Winner – Jeff Crane $56
E Class Winner – Orrin Terry $47

Buddy Up – Ed Najar and Curtis Lewis each won $62.00 (BFFs)

Congratulations! We hope you had fun.