Christmas is over and my mini vacation has come to an end. Back to work, I go (whip sound).

70 Shooters Attend!

Moore N’ Moore would like to thank everyone who came to this event on Sunday, Dec 23rd.   From the looks of the faces (especially the winners),  people had a good time.  Maybe we’ve tapped into another great event program that everyone can participate in.  If you don’t have a Side by Side, a semi-auto or a pump, we have them to borrow. In fact, they’re free to use when you shoot the event.

How does this event work?

You have to shoot it with a pump, side by side or semi-automatic shotgun.  Some guns and gauges receive handicaps and the handicaps stack.  This allows you to decide which gun option best suits your skill level and improves your chances of winning.

$10 from every entry goes into a pot. The way we split the money is determined by how many people attend.  Since we had 70 people, we split it 5 ways (see below for percentages).

To determine winners for this event, we use a system called Lewis Classification which, in so many words means, no matter what you shoot, you’ve got a chance to win.  Lewis Classification underlines the old adage of “it’s better to be lucky than good”, and 5 people were pretty lucky this time.   Let me rephrase that… 4 people were pretty lucky and HOA was achieved with pure skill. If you’d like a thorough explanation of how Lewis Classification works, just ask us when nobody is around so we can explain it until we’re blue in the face or until you fall asleep. Whichever comes first.

Also, it’s not just regular Sporting Clays.  Some stations utilize the Argentina Clays game while others might have a menu of Super Sporting where singles and mixed doubles are shot from 4 machines.

Once the event is complete, we calculate the winners and make the payouts right then so please stick around to see if you’ve won.

We are loving this event!

To say the least, the Moore N’ Moore staff was extremely excited about having 70 shooters considering this is the second one of these events.  It’s very possible (we hope) that the Fun Gun Shootout is shaping up to be the Big Bonanza Blast’s little brother that likes to gamble and do things a little differently.  For all you old timers, we’re going to add Buddy Up.  For the new timers, Buddy Up is a game where you’re randomly paired with another shooter and if your combined scores are highest, you win $$$$.

Anyway, let’s get to the meat of the recap…Like who won and how much money did they win?


The Scores & Payouts

Bill Rhodes was our HOA with 96×100. He’s the Jimi Hendrix of sub-gauge, and that new model 42 rocks as hard as a left-handed Stratocaster with the strings upside down.  OK, yes, a .410 pump gets a very big handicap, but this course wasn’t set up with cupcake targets.  Bill really stepped up to the challenge by chipping 66 tough targets with that little walking stick he calls a shotgun.

I hate to admit it,  but Bill really made me eat my words.  All week I’d been steering people away from shooting their .410’s because “they never win”.  I’m glad you proved me wrong, Bill, and thanks for inspiring all those little-gun owners out there.

Some other great scores were Runner-up shooter, Jeff Jump who hammered 93×100 with no handicaps. Again, this course was not set fluffy at all. Great shooting to Jeff and to also to Kevin Miles who took 3rd place with a 92.  Kevin shot Moore N’ Moore’s new Beretta A400 28 ga. rental gun from Pacific Sporting Arms.  So pay attention Mulligun shooters!  If you win a gun this week, you might consider this 28 ga auto.  I must be honest, I love shooting it. It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

I can’t write this recap without mentioning Rich Xifo scoring 85 with his .410 lever action.  If I only had his Argentina station on video. Great going Rich!

We had a whopping $700 in the pot and here’s how it divided (36%, 26%, 16%, 12%, 10%)

Scroll down the list to see all the winners and click on the tab to see how much money they won.

Fun Gun Shootout - Dec 2018

Results and Payouts


With 70 people, we had $700 in the pot.  Here’s how it divided (36%, 26%, 16%, 12%, 10%)

A Class Winner – Bill Rhodes $252
B Class Winner – Paul Niedermann $182
C Class Winner – Sam Gregorian $112
D Class Winner – John Hendrickson $84
E Class Winner – Greg Patrick $70

Attention D and E Class winners:  We have your money in the office.


Jim Bloomfield takes his own shots…

On occasion, you’ll find Photo/Video Ninja Jim Bloomfield on the course shooting shotguns, but this time, he was snapping shots with his camera that’s the size of an 80’s VCR.  I make fun of it because there’s no way I could afford one and no way I could figure out how to work it either…and Jim knows this too so I’m sure he takes no offense to my uneducated teasing.

He was kind enough to provide a few of these pics along with an Argentina video and more photos on our Facebook page.  Be sure to stop by and like our page.  We do many announcements on Facebook and it’s a quick way to share information.



We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.  Thanks again to everyone that supports our events and makes them better and better each month.

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