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Do I have to be part of this Loyalty Program?2019-10-30T21:09:51-07:00

Nope.  No obligation to participate.

Do my points ever expire?2019-10-30T21:08:34-07:00

Not right now they don’t.

How many points do I get with my purchases?2019-10-30T21:07:25-07:00

You’ll receive 1 point per dollar spent on ammunition, targets, apparel and cleaning supplies, and discount target card purchases.  Points are not awarded for event entry fees, gift cards, online purchases at moorenmoore.com, memberships, lessons and group lessons.

You should know that our  system always rounds down.  That means if you spend $27.54 on a transaction, you’ll only receive 27 points.  Also, you will not receive points for tax.

How will you keep track of my points?2019-10-30T21:06:32-07:00

When you check out, we will input your phone number which will save your points when the transaction completes.  On the flip side, we can always look up your Target Points by giving us your phone number before you purchase something in case you’re eligible for rewards.

Do my rewards apply to my entire bill or just one line item?2019-10-30T21:05:36-07:00

Just one line item for now as we get comfortable with it.  Who knows, we might open it up to the entire bill as long as all of the items in your purchase are able to receive the rewards discount.

Can I use my discounts on Discount Target Cards?2019-10-30T21:04:10-07:00

The only time you can use a reward for Discount Target Cards is with the 2500 Points reward which gives 10% off your card.  A great savings!

Which items generate points when I buy them?2019-10-30T21:02:39-07:00

You will receive points after purchasing ammunition, targets, apparel, cleaning supplies, and discount target cards.

You must provide your phone number when the transaction is completed and you cannot use points accumulated that day for a refund.

What can I use my points for?2019-10-30T21:01:31-07:00

You can use your points for the following items.

Practice targets
Cleaning supplies

If you have 2500 points or more, you can use your points on a 10% refund on any Discount Target Card.

I don’t have my own equipment. Can I rent a shotgun?2018-11-28T12:03:33-08:00

Yes, we do rent shotguns. We have shotguns in 12, 20 and 28 gauges and different lengths to accommodate different strength levels and body types.

Semi-Auto Rental: $20.00
Over/Under Rental (Blaser F3/Beretta DT11): $40.00

I’m a beginner, should I try Trap or Skeet before Sporting Clays?2017-09-18T08:14:29-07:00

While Sporting Clays is arguably the most difficult of the shotgunning disciplines, it’s also a great place to start. Many new shooters are told that Trap and Skeet are the best places to start. While all target shooting is good practice, this information is incorrect. At a facility like Moore N’ Moore, we have targets that are even easier than the presentations you’ll find on a Trap or Skeet range. With 4 machines at every station, we have targets for all skill levels.

What’s the NSCA and do I need to join?2018-07-22T21:42:14-07:00

The NSCA is the National Sporting Clays Association. They are the national governing body for Sporting Clays. You don’t need to join the NSCA to shoot any of our events, but we recommend it. Why? It’s fun… It also gives you a measuring stick to compare yourself with other shooters and allows you to compete in a “class” among shooters of your skill level.  As you progress, so does the level of competition. Not only that, but it gives your practice a purpose.  You can join at any of our NSCA events where the NSCA will grant you a free membership for the remainder of the year (ending Dec 31). If you can’t wait and want to join now, you can visit the NSCA Member Enrollment website.

Do I need to notify the club that I’ll be attending an event?2017-09-14T23:35:27-07:00

Yes, please! We always like to hear from you anyway. When you let us know you’re coming, it helps us to prepare how much food to serve at our AMAZING lunches. Our NSCA events require you to pre-register on ScoringPRO or by calling us at 818 890 4788 at least 12 hours prior to the shoot.

Which tournament is right for me?2017-09-15T00:09:32-07:00

“Just For Fun” Shooting Events

If you’re brand new to shooting, we recommend the Big Bonanza Blast or The Night Shoot. Both of these events are perfect for new shooters to get their competitive-feet wet without feeling intimidated. Both are very casual events where the target presentations are set on the less-difficult side. Check out more about the Big Bonanza Blast and The Night Shoot.

NSCA Shooting Events

If you have some shooting experience and you’re ready to get competitive, try The Silver Series or Mulligun 400 NSCA events. When you signup for either one of these events, we’ll submit your name and information to the NSCA who’ll then give you a complimentary membership for the remainder of the year.

The NSCA is the governing body of Sporting Clays where a set of rules are used to set a level playing field for all shooters. It’s a great way to meet shooting friends and to experience an entirely different aspect of shotgunning. Joining the NSCA comes highly recommended as it offers years and years of fun and it’s a great family past-time.

The NSCA events are where trophies and cash prizes are up for grabs and since you’ll be competing in your designated class, your chances of winning are as good as the next person.

Always remember,

Whether you shoot the Big Bonanza or one of the NSCA events; don’t feel intimidated.  Focus on having a fun. That’s what this is all about, isn’t it? Everyone starts somewhere and most veteran shooters are willing to lend a helping-hand if you need it. Come give it a try, you’ll be glad you did.

Where should I buy my first shotgun?2017-09-15T07:24:22-07:00

Moore N’ Moore highly recommends Pacific Sporting Arms. Let their knowledgeable staff steer you into the shotgun that best fits your body and your budget. The one thing you can feel sure about when buying a gun from PSA is that you’ll always be buying a quality firearm. Visit their website here.

Also, if you’re a member at Moore N’ Moore, you’ll receive 5% off any new shotgun at Pacific Sporting Arms.

I may have an eye-dominance vision challenge to overcome. Can this issue be addressed?2017-09-14T21:56:59-07:00

Definitely. Part of the first few minutes of the first lesson will be spent with your instructor checking your vision, discussing any physical issues you have, and discussing safety.

What do I do when I arrive at Moore N Moore for a lesson?2017-09-14T21:58:29-07:00

Check in at the main office. We will notify your instructor that you have arrived and are ready to begin the lesson. Your instructor will greet you and help you get “suited up” to begin.

What if I’ve scheduled a lesson but I cannot attend?2017-09-14T21:59:12-07:00

Call us at 1-818-890-4788 and let us know as soon as possible. If you’re calling outside of our normal business hours, please leave a message on the club answering machine or email us here. Please let us know at least the day before your lesson is scheduled. If you are on your way and will be a few minutes late due to traffic, call the range at 1-818-890-4788 and ask them to tell your instructor you’re on your way.

As a new shooter taking lessons, when can I shoot on my own?2017-09-18T09:19:56-07:00

Generally, after the first lesson, you should feel comfortable to come to the Range and shoot on your own. In fact, we encourage you to come to the Range and shoot on your own to apply what you and your instructor have discussed.

If the instructor considers your gun-handling skills to be satisfactory, you’ll receive a Gun Rental Card upon completion of your lesson where you can return to the range and rent shotguns whenever you like.

Is there an age limit for children on the range?2017-09-14T22:03:12-07:00