Hello NSCA Shooters!

We’ve got some really great news for you. We’ve changed our policy on event payouts (yet again) and hopefully, this will be the last time.  OK… so what’s changed?  Here it is…

Like other clubs such as Redlands Shooting Park and Raahauges Shooting Enterprises,  we are no longer mailing out checks to past winners of our NSCA events.  Checks are to be held at the club until they are picked up.  They will be available 5 days after the event has finished, which is usually when we have our next event.  Also, and probably the most important point, is that your check will only be valid for 90 days.  So take it home, show it to your spouse and let them see how your incredible shooting skills are putting food on the table.

What if you can’t make it back to the club within 90 days?  Well, that’s impossible. Why would anyone want to stay away for 90 days?  Ask a friend to pick it up for you. Just call us and let us know your friend will be doing so.

Please feel free to share this information with anyone who might be interested.

Thank you,