Range Rules

Please Read!

These are the rules and guidelines for safe conduct on the Sporting Clays course.  You must follow them:

1. No Smoking: Smoking is prohibited on the course at all times. If you need to smoke, please do so in the designated smoking area, usually in the parking lot.

2. Ear and Eye Protection: Wearing ear and eye protection while on the shooting course is mandatory. This is to ensure the safety of all participants and bystanders.

3. No Alcohol: The consumption of alcohol is not allowed on the shooting course. If you smell like alcohol prior to shooting, you will be denied entry to the course for safety reasons.

4. Shell Limit: There is a limit of two shells in any gun, including semi-automatic firearms, at any given time. This rule helps maintain safety and prevents the risk of accidental discharge.

5. Guns Open and Unloaded: When outside of the shooting position, all firearms must be kept open and unloaded. This rule ensures that firearms are in a safe condition and prevents any accidental discharge.

6. Loading the Gun: Do not load your firearm until you are inside the shooting station and ready to shoot. Loading the gun should only be done when you are in the appropriate shooting area.

7. Gun Positioning: While shooting, always keep your gun between the two station posts. In other words, keeping the muzzle down range.  This rule prevents the accidental pointing of firearms in unsafe directions.

8. Checking Unloaded Status: Before exiting the shooting station, make sure to check that your gun is unloaded. This additional precaution helps ensure that firearms are not accidentally discharged while leaving the station.

9. Muzzle Awareness: It is crucial to be aware of where your muzzle is pointing at all times. Keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction, typically downrange, and avoid pointing it at any person or object that you do not intend to shoot.

Following these rules and guidelines will contribute to a safe shooting environment for everyone involved. Always prioritize safety and adhere to any additional instructions provided by range personnel or instructors.

Ammo Restrictions

No Exceptions!

Gun Restrictions

Shotguns Only!
OUR RANGE IS FOR SHOTGUNS ONLY  No pistols or rifles are ever permitted.  Angeles Shooting Ranges has a range for pistols and rifles.

HOME DEFENSE SHOTGUNS ARE NOT ALLOWED – This means no pistol-grips or barrels under 24″ in length.  If this is all you have, visit our friends at Angeles Shooting on the same property and they have a special range where you can shoot your home defense weapon.

12 gauge is the largest gauge allowed.  Remember, the smaller the gauge number, the larger the gun. No more than 2 shot shells in the gun at any time. Shooting pellets larger than a #7.5 is a bannable offense and could possibly result in notifying LA County Sheriff’s department.