Here is a list of the rules, restrictions and some good old fashioned advice we call etiquette.  Please become familiar with these rules.  Thanks!

  1. No Smoking on the course at any time. If you need to smoke, you can do so in the parking lot area.
  2. Ear and Eye Protection is mandatory on the course.
  3. No Alcohol allowed.  If you smell like alcohol prior to shooting, you will not be allowed on the course.
  4. No more than 2 shells in any gun (incl. semi-autos) at any time.
  5. Guns are to remain open and unloaded while outside of the shooting position.
  6. Do not load your gun until you’re inside the shooting station and ready to shoot.
  7. While shooting, keep your gun between the two station posts at all times (aka keeping your gun down range).
  8. Do not exit the shooting station without checking to see if your gun is unloaded.
  9. Be aware of where your muzzle is pointing at all times.
  1. Ammunition shot sizes of 7.5, 8 or 9 are the only sizes allowed.
  2. No Buckshot, slugs or 3-inch hunting loads.
  3. 12 gauge is the largest gauge allowed.
  4. Barrel length (not gun length) must be a minimum of 24 inches.
  5. Shotgun must have a stock. No pistol grips.
  6. This is a shotgun range only. No pistols or rifles of any kind are ever permitted. If you’re looking to shoot a rifle or pistol, visit our neighbors at the Angeles Shooting Ranges.
  1. Try not to “camp out” at a station. If you like shooting at a particular station, you’re welcome to do so. However, if someone approaches the station and would like to shoot there, it’s customary to let them “play-through” and then you can continue shooting when they’re finished.
  2. When approaching a station where someone is already shooting, try to refrain from making loud noises until they’re finished.
  3. If you’re shooting an over/under shotgun, we ask to please put your empty shells in the provided black refuse containers in front of the shooting stations. We don’t expect semi-auto shooters to chase their empties.
  4. Absolutely no smoking anywhere on the course. Period.