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The 5 Commandments
  1. No Smoking on the course at any time.
  2. No Alcohol allowed.
  3. No more than 2 shells in any gun (incl. semi-autos) at any time.
  4. Guns are to remain open and unloaded while outside of the shooting position.
  5. Be aware of where your muzzle is pointing at all times.
Guns & Ammo
  1. Ammunition shot sizes of 7.5, 8 or 9 are the only sizes allowed.
  2. No Buckshot, slugs or 3-inch hunting loads.
  3. 12 gauge is the largest gauge allowed.
  4. Barrel length (not gun length) must be a minimum of 24 inches.
  5. Shotgun must have a stock. No pistol grips.
  6. This is a shotgun range only. No pistols or rifles of any kind are ever permitted. If you’re looking to shoot a rifle or pistol, visit our neighbors at the Angeles Shooting Ranges.