Like saving money?

Great! Because not only are our memberships the best deal of any gun club membership in SoCal, but we also have the best discounts for our members. 10 cents off every target, 25% off Fiocchi cases, discounted events, 5% off new guns at Pacific Sporting Arms and discount target cards!

Is it worth it?

Most people shoot 100 – 150 targets every visit. That’s a $13-$18 savings each time you shoot.  Most packages allow you to purchase targets in bulk for major discounts.

Save $180 for 1000 targets, $400 for 2000 targets and $630 for 3000 targets.

We have 6 different membership packages that should suit every type of shooter. See the benefits from each package and if you like what you see, pick a membership package and join today.

Starts at $9.25/mo.

Cardholder receives…

  • 13¢ per target discount on all practice targets.
  • 5% discount at Pacific Sporting Arms.
  • $7 off every Big Bonanza Blast entry fee.

Also, you can add any of these to your membership for a small fee.

  • Add a Friend or Family member to this membership. ($6.00/mo.)
  • Free Gun Rentals. ($3.00/mo.)
  • Discounted Ammo Access. ($1.00/mo)
  • Discount Target Card Access. ($3.00/mo.)


Covers cardholder only.


Covers immediate family.


Covers friends and family.


Covers cardholder only.

  • 13¢ off every practice target only.


Covers cardholder only.

  • Member-only discounts on Fiocchi ammo.
  • 13¢ off every practice target.
  • 10% off Pro Shop.
  • $7 off every Big Bonanza Blast entry.
  • Purchase targets 1000, 2000 and even 3000 at a time for huge discounts.
  • 10% off select items on
  • 5% off new guns at Pacific Sporting Arms.