Ahh, the Club Championship.  A yearly event where shooters from across the southland come to wreak havoc on our targets, hoping to win one of our highly coveted trophies and land their name in our Hall of Fame.  That’s right, each class winner and the shooter who won High Over All will have their name listed in the Club Champions page under the Hall of Fame section of our website. Click here to see the updated list along with the past winners.

The skies were gray on shoot-day and the weather was cool. A perfect scenario to see the targets well and stay frosty. Some of the scores were outstanding and some weren’t. We had quite a few first-timers at Moore N’ Moore too. Thanks for taking the plunge at this event. We hope you liked it (Elvis).

Thanks to Jim Bloomfield for overseeing some of the target presentations and some last-minute assistance getting the Argentina boxes and BBQ’s running smoothly. You’re the fifth Beatle at Moore N’ Moore, Jim. Thanks!

Also, thank you to Diana and Dana for preparing the best lunch of the year so far. Considering we don’t have a kitchen like we did before, these girls are doing an amazing job.  I’m working on it, ladies. I’m working on it.


This year, it was Buckles. Tried and true, the belt buckle has been the traditional clay shooting trophy for many centuries now and at Moore N’ Moore, we’re all about tradition. That’s why we gave away knives last year (and they were sweet’, too).

Anyway, back to the buckles. For a shoot like this, the buckle needs to be something you’re proud to wear while instilling fear in your competition.  It needs to say to your spouse,  “You’re sleeping with the Champ tonight, honey”.  Oh yes, and it absolutely has to be shiny enough to reflect annoying rays of sunlight at your friends. That’s right, I’m talking about a Moore N’ Moore custom buckle made of real gold, real silver and hand-crafted by gnomish tinkerers from faraway lands…like Elko, NV. This is what we’re talking about…


Chris Lozano said it best when he said to me,

“Congratulations on having the Club Championship this year. I’m glad you’re still around to have it”.

So are we Chris. That’s why we’re going to make a special sticker for this event. We used to give a sticker to all participants and frankly, I just didn’t have time to put some together. Now that the event is over, I’m going to have these made. They’re like the stickers we had last year… just hotter :). If you shot the event, I’ll have one for you within a couple of weeks.  Thanks, Chris!



Mulligun 400
NSCA Fun Shoot!
Sunday, May 27, 2018

100 Sporting Clays event.
50 Super Sporting event.
BBQ Lunch
Bonus Ticket Event!



Tom John Jr., of course!  Tom has been one of the best shooters, if not the best shooter in SoCal for many years and still, even at 70 years old, Tommy smacks down some of the hardest courses thrown at him.  Want proof? He shot a 93×100 at this event and the course was no cake-walk.  Congratulations, Tom, on being our 2018 Club Championship HOA winner. You deserve it!  Hey, don’t tell Tom I made that joke about him being 70. He’s really like 55 I think.  All joking aside, he’s a beast with a shotgun now and he’ll be a beast when he’s 90 too.  Also, all of these age jokes come from a crack he made about my white beard the other day…gotcha, Tom!

Tom’s win, while it was a great score, was just 2 targets ahead of the pack. Keith Tsuchiyama (M), and young Patrick Romero (A) were nipping at his heels with 91’s.  Patrick has only shot for 1 year and this was his first visit to Moore N’ Moore. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of him at the top of the leaderboard very soon.  Great shooting, guys. Needless to say, Keith won M1 and Patrick took A1.

Here’s how the rest of the results turned out…


HOA – Tom John Jr.
Master – Keith Tsuchiyama
AA – Jeff Jump
A – Patrick Romero
B – Michael Rateau
C – Dan Shuford
D – Pete Taylor
E – Brian Rosenstein
Veteran – Tom John Jr.
Super Veteran – Tom Roberts
Senior Super Vet – N/A
Lady – Grace Choe
Junior – Patrick Romero
Sub Junior – N/A

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HOA – Keith Tsuchiyama
Master – Craig Tsuchiyama
AA – Richard Takasago
A – Dave Murray
B – Kevin Miles
C – Aaron Farnsworth
D – Jonathan Ceballos
E – David Porter
Veteran – Craig Tsuchiyama
Super Veteran – Bill Cooper
Senior Super Vet – N/A
Lady – N/A
Junior – N/A
Sub Junior – N/A

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Thank you to everyone who attended and we look forward to more great events for the remainder of 2018. Can’t believe this year is nearly half over. So many great things have happened already and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Moore N’ Moore.

Until then. Happy Club Championship to all the winners and we’ll see you soon. Enjoy your buckles!