Big Bonanza Blast

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The Gun Giveaway Event!
Sunday, February 4th


100-Target Sporting

Shoot one flight: $45 or $38 club member.
Shoot both flights: $87 or $73 club member.
Under 17 years: $34 for each flight.

You will receive 1 ticket for each flight shot. 

Starting Times: 
First Flight = 8 AM.
Second Flight = 11:30 AM

Please be punctual: Try and show up no later than 7:30 AM for the first flight registration.

TIP FOR SHOOTERS DOING BOTH FLIGHTS: We have 4 machines on every station. If the first flight uses A and B at a station, ask your puller to throw C and D at that station during the second flight. Makes it interesting!


  • For the main event, preview targets are not allowed (to keep the cost down) unless you’re using a Preview Target Card available at registration for $15.00.
  • This event is not a NSCA competition and is purely for the fun of it. Also, it’s for shooters to enjoy a great event at a great price. So have fun and keep it fun for everyone around you.
  • Tip the ladies who are serving the lunch. It’s good Karma for your score.


Every June and December, Pacific Sporting Arms donates a Beretta A400 to be raffled among all of the Big Bonanza Shooters. You can’t get tickets for this event unless you participate and you’ll receive a ticket(s) at every event you attend. If you get lucky and win your Lewis Class, you’ll get an extra ticket too!

  1. The drawing will take place after the 2nd flight is completed.
  2. You must be present to win the shotgun.
  3. Winner of the shotgun will receive a voucher which you can use to redeem your brand new Beretta A400 12ga. shotgun at Pacific Sporting Arms.
  4. Winner will also be responsible for taxes and DROS fees associated with this shotgun.
  5. Scores will be calculated after the A400 Shotgun has been drawn. Winners of their Lewis Class will win tickets for the drawing in June of 2018.


Lunch will be included for this event and you won’t want to miss it. Artisan hot dogs by Dana and Diana. Whether you like spicy or regular, Kraut or Chili, they have it for you. And to top it off, homemade chocolate chip cookies and a surprise dessert that suit the time of the year.

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