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The Main Event
100 Sporting Clays

You’ll be shooting 100 targets on 13 stations.  

7 Stations will consist of 4 pairs of the same two targets.  They will be thrown either as True or Report Pairs.

3 Stations will be thrown as Hybrid Menus where you’ll shoot the same two targets, but a single from target 1 and then a single from target 2.  Then a report pair 1-2 and then a report 2-1. Follow this up with a True Pair 1-2 and you’re done.

1 Station will be called the Mega Station.  There you’ll shoot 8 targets.  We’ll utilize 3 different machines and you’ll shoot 4 different report pairs.  If you hit 4, you’ll get 1 Mega Raffle drawing.  5 hits gets you 2, 6 hits gets you 3, 7 hits gets you 5 and if you hit all 8, you get a whopping 10 bonus tickets!  Pay attention at the Mega Station!

2 “Optional” Argentina stations.  This means if you don’t like shooting Argentina, we’ll provide a standard menu for you to shoot instead.  Argentina will automatically throw a “report pair” every 9 seconds.  The pair combinations will always be AB, BC, CD, DA but the order of the pairs will be randomly selected by our Argentina box.  Only at MOORE N’ MOORE!