If you see these people…run.

Big Bonanza Blast Recap

Yep, it was warm…

But we’re not going to talk about the weather, because that’s BORING. Instead, let’s talk about the incredible turnout for SoCal’s favorite non-registered fun shoot. How incredible was the turnout? 142 happy-go-lucky-fun-seekers came out, broke some clays and had a hotdog. Does a day get any better than that? Afterward, with the heat, most people went home, but the hardcore folks shot a second round since it was only $35 if you’re a club member. Not a bad deal!

Who was the top hot dog that day? Bill Rhodes of course. He tore it up with a 92 on the first flight. Congratulations, Bill! Bill doesn’t mess around either. He’s a very serious shooter (as most of you that know him can attest to), but he’s especially serious when he’s shooting his 28ga which he smashed 77 in the second round. Bill’s the guy rolling in the new Beamer hybrid with the black 22″ rims. It’s pretty awesome…his shotguns aren’t too bad either.

Next highest scores were a bunch of 87’s shot by Adam Gelbart, Jim Bowen, and Aaron Farnsworth in his 2nd round. Congrats to Aaron Farnsworth as it appears his curse has been broken. Aaron is the self-proclaimed “most consistent shooter in CA” because he hits 74-78 at every event, no matter how hard or soft the target presentations may be.

On a side note, I’d like to thank Bill Becker for the humongous bottle of Hornitos tequila leftover from his Cinco De Drinko celebration. Señor Becker knows how to mix it up. Sometimes it’s alcohol, sometimes it’s a pie. Both are fine with me. Take notes everyone. Offering gifts to the scorekeeper is never a bad idea…just saying. Muchas gracias, Bill!

Congrats to Scott Morell for breaking an 84×100 and Terry Terzian on his 74×100. For both shooters, it was their highest round ever.

Thanks, Weylin Lindaman for exposing so many new shooters to this addiction we call Sporting Clays.  We appreciate it and hope everyone had a blast.

Welcome back Eli Bomar from your vacation in paradise. Hope you had a great time but now it’s back to focusing on your career…as a Sporting Clays shooter!


Sorry, but there was a correction on the scores. Adam Gelbart also shot 92 tying Bill Rhodes. Also, Ed Najar and Peter Siphron had changes as well of 89 and 52 respectively. Sorry for the mixup. Great shooting Adam!

The Results

Show off your shotgun skills to family, friends, or even your co-workers… that’s if your boss allows scary gun websites on the company network. Ugh… Actually, if they allow you to browse gun-related sites, stop by your boss’ office and ask them if they’d like to do a team-building event at Moore N’ Moore. Who knows, you might get a raise for your awesome ability to think “outside the box”.

Anyway, here are the final results for this Big Bonanza Blast. We’re using a new table format that gives you all kinds of sorting and filtering abilities. We hope you like it… I’m sure all of you mobile device users will love it compared to the old version. Great shooting everyone!


Jim is back!

We’d like to welcome back our good friend and master-shutterbug, Jim Bloomfield. Jim’s been taking pictures at MNM for years now but he’s been on a small hiatus (Stagecoach) and we’re glad he’s back. Here are a few of Jim’s pics and if you’d like to see the rest, you can see them on our facebook page by clicking here.

Thanks to Milton Salamanca (you met him at registration). He’s going to be a Spielberg one day, I just know it. Thanks Mang!

What’s Next?

Thank you to Pacific Sporting Arms for hosting this event and for all the support you’ve given Moore N’ Moore and to the shooting community.

Also thanks to everyone that participated. Next month is the Gun Drawing event. I can’t believe it’s already here! Don’t miss it and we’ll see you soon.