Big Bonanza Blast – March 18, 2018

John Coudray from Santa Barbara.

MARCH 18th, 2018

Event Recap

A great day to shoot!

This Bonanza was a little light on the turnout with just 82 shooters coming out for some fun in the (finally) Sun. Some might say… “Cory, 82 shooters is a great turnout, why do you complain so much”?  I’m not complaining! It was a great turnout considering we changed the date and people were still hiding from the weather. With all that, I’m super thankful for the turnout.  Good news is that we’ll be holding another Bonanza event on April 1st which is our regularly scheduled event. Mark your calendars and yes, it’s going to be Easter Sunday and April Fool’s day at the same time!  Expect crazy things to happen. Like pink chalk on the station boards. Maybe during the morning flight, we’ll even have an Easter Egg hunt where the eggs are stuffed with raffle tickets. Some would have 1 ticket, some might have 10. Only for the 1st flight though. Once the shooting starts, the Easter Bunny leaves town.


Great shooting you guys!

Never have I seen before a Big Bonanza Blast where the average score was near 70. It was just over 68 to be exact. I’m very impressed guys. Keep up the great shooting…Also, you should feel extra good about those scores since we threw the same targets and menu for the Silver Series NSCA event on the day before. A special congratulations to Ed Najar and Tom Dillon who both shot 91×100 who tied for HOA. Tom Dillon got the HOA because he shot better on station 3 (for March). Great shooting to both of you.

The Scores

Here’s how everyone shot!

[table id=40 /]


Thanks Milton Salamanca for the photos!

See you in April!

We’ve got some great events in April!

Be sure to check out all the great events happening in April. If you have any questions, please click the link to the calendar and it will give you (or link you) to all the information you’ll need regarding the shoots. Just click the shoot names… it’s like magic!

See you soon and keep your head on the stock,


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  1. Michael Peraza March 31, 2018 at 10:45 PM - Reply

    Good times! I just wanna point out Michael Peraza shoot a 81 with a $85 used Mossberg 500 PUMP ACTION ! Lol I’m so patting my self on my back

    To the two gentleman I shoot with that day thank you guys for your company, you guys were awesome to shoot with ! I look forward to seeing you guys again

    • CM April 1, 2018 at 3:53 AM - Reply

      Thanks for commenting Michael and great shooting! I’m very happy for your success. However, if you had a nicely engraved hunting scene with some gold pheasants inlaid into your receiver, you probably would have shot an 82. 🙂

      Way to go, man. Keep up the good work and hope to see you today for the Easter/April Fools Bonanza!


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