Big Bonanza Blast – July 2nd, 2017


137 shooters came out for a great Bonanza day at Moore N’ Moore. This is a monthly event that takes place on the 1st Sunday and it’s one of our best events! In fact, all of our events are our best events, but this one continuously receives the largest turnouts. Why? Because it’s a great value and it’s a no-pressure event with HOT DOGS! That’s right, HOT DOGS, and all the awesome ways to make them taste great. Weenie Girl, Diana put together an outstanding Pico de gallo for the hot dogs and she had people wanting to take it home with them. Just mark your calendar for the 1st Sunday and you can have it again ;). Weenie Girl, Dana made over 200 cranberry/blueberry/white chocolate cookies too…those didn’t last long either. Attention 2nd Flighters:  We’ll be making more cookies for you and we apologize for there not being enough to go around. The Weenie Girls wanted me to thank everyone for the tips they received. They each averaged 30¢ per shooter which is a new record!


The scores were high with a 96, 94 and 91 taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd places by Joey Zerr, John Fowler and Candice Fowler. Great shooting you guys! Check out below to see your name in lights. Your amazing score will be captured here for eons. In 3000 years, as aliens are cutting through the ice, looking for the artifacts of our civilization, they’ll find this list of shooters and there you’ll be rockin’ the Big Bonanza Blast. Pretty cool huh?


Only 12 shooters played Argentina. Seems like this event might be intimidating people. Well, it didn’t intimidate 15-year-old Haley Carter apparently. She did great with a 35×100! Who won? BIG MIKE ZOZAYA! He took the HOA spot while Terence Tanaka took runner up. Mike has shot several of our Argentina games and continues to practice the game. If you’ve only done it once, you might want to try it again. Remember learning to ride a bike?… There were bruises. In this case, bruised egos. Hang in there, buttercup. It’s fun!

Let’s get back to the winners! Mike Z shot 38 and Terence T shot 37… a close one. Congratulations to Mike and to Kelly Erisman who took the B class money by Lewis. Great shooting guys!

Joey Zerr96
John Fowler94
Candice Fowler91
Bill Rhodes88
Fred Matthews87
Ed Najar87
Eli Bomar85
Jeff Jump84
Kent Elder81
Brandon Mitchell80
Gary Steiner80
Mitchell Garret80
Bob Worrell80
Aaron Farnsworth79
Bill Becker79
Johnny Fowler79
Mike Busch79
Dave Murray78
Kevin Miles76
Curt Lewis76
Mike Zozaya76
Andrew Schultz75
Mike Griffits75
Adam Gelbart75
Carl Baker73
Haily Carter73
Jack Powell72
Luke Dean-272
Robert Danelen72
Cory Lutz71
Paul Curly71
Kelley Eirsman70
Rich Xifo70
Marty Stensbol-270
Jerry Mills70
Joe Ramero69
Jovi Bantolo69
Steve Jensen69
Steve Meyer69
Glen Davis68
Jim Klouner68
Ryan Hutchins68
Scott Morrell68
Andrew Sutherland67
Billy Young67
Chuck Hasen67
Jian Kim67
Keith Baker67
Keith Shapiro67
Steve Gleit67
Evan Hibbard67
Jim Webb66
Kelly Eirsman-266
John Wilson66
Jeanie Elder66
Marty Stensbol65
Siavash Hazini65
Robert Martinez65
Bill Rhodes-265
Lenord Young64
Luke Dean64
Paul Niederman64
Royce Chezem64
Stan Georgi64
Keenan Jackson63
Mark Mickelson63
Ron Polanski63
Gary Hendricks63
Stephanie Najar63
Brian RainWaters62
Robert Torres62
Ron Blanck62
Sam Gregorian62
Zach Katz62
Aaron Barnes62
Cory Nakanishi61
Gary Morgan61
Tony Kelly61
Weylin Lindaman61
Adam JR Gelbart61
Robert Marquardt60
Tom Brooks60
Andy Jowsey59
Mike Scheer59
Nick Pecci59
Will Dobbins59
Don Hunter58
Michelle Fowler58
Terry Terzian58
Alex Basulto57
Jim Rory57
Terrance Tanaka57
Bill Von Helmolt56
Claudio Dusci56
Brian Schultz55
John Pike55
Matt Carter55
Rich Ebner54
Will Green 54
Wade Baker53
Al Carazza52
Georgia McCaffrey52
Donivon Lamb51
Sean Haupt51
David Glass51
Moose Bullum50
Jerry Guadagnino49
Ron Tatsui49
Doug Dorfilinger48
Geoff Tyndall48
Keith Johnson48
Marc Shapiro48
Spencer Kung48
Chuck Doremus45
Mark Taylor44
John Howe44
Aurn Goswami43
Darius Rodgers43
Jiovani Vera43
Paul Kokkinos43
Steve Cassel43
Nile Evans43
Mark Sasaki43
Craig Hibbard42
Don Tyndall41
John Tkach41
Martin Huerta39
Jacob Gelbart35
Alisia Martinez34
Joe Morrell32
Martin Rocca32
Chris Lucsik30
Matthew Nuckolls29
Alexandria Raden25
Robert Dycus10
Kelly Erisman57361031B18
Keenan Jackson4657729


Thanks, Jim Bloomfield for putting together some photos and for dedicating his Sunday morning to making this event special for everyone participating.

Check out the pics here

If you find a photo of yourself that you like, be sure to thank Jim for it the next time you see him. He’s the only guy out there with a huge camera hanging around his neck. He’s hard to find sometimes because he’s hiding in the bushes like a ninja, but if you’re aware of your surroundings, you’ll see him.


Thank you to everyone who attended. We hope to see you at the next one and in December, we’ll be giving away another brand new Beretta A400 courtesy of Pacific Sporting Arms. The best place in Southern California for shotguns. Go down to their store and see why!

Their Website:

Visit them here…

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  1. Eli Bomar July 3, 2017 at 10:50 am - Reply

    Another great shoot, thanks Cory

    • CM July 3, 2017 at 11:34 am - Reply

      Thanks, Eli! It was a good one and you shot great. 85 is climbing that ladder, my man.

  2. Gregg Kushiner July 3, 2017 at 5:06 pm - Reply

    Lots of fun reading the results. A couple good friends that I used to shoot with before I moved to Vegas, and I really miss them a lot! Want to come back and shoot with these guys on the next one!

    • CM July 3, 2017 at 5:45 pm - Reply

      C’mon down Greg. Surprise your friends and have a blast. See you soon – Cory

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