We love this event!


And it was a great one!  132 shooters came out for a beautiful day at our first Big Bonanza Blast of 2020.  As you can see from the video above, the weather was absolutely perfect for shooting because Jim Davis from the Highland Park Sportsmen’s Club is rockin’ a t-shirt… in January! 

We have lots of stuff in store for this recap so keep reading below.


Feelin' Lucky?





A Winner Eludes us once again...

Not even a Blind Squirrel found an acorn at this month’s Bonanza Blast.  The lucky number was 25 and the closest competitor was Guy Smith with a 24.  SO CLOSE!  

The money will carry over and we’re estimating over $1100 for next month’s pot.  Remember, you can’t win unless you play and anyone can win.

Good luck!


Average Score: 62

TOM DILLON = TOP DOG!  You’re on fire, my man.  It looks like that Perazzi MX8 is your golden gun.  Time to turn those Hi Techs into firewood haha!  Tom shot a 93×100 taking the High Over All spot.  What a great way for you to start the new year.

RUNNER UP & 3RD PLACE:  Ed Najar and Kevin Miles both shot 90×100 as well.  Great shooting you guys!

LAST WEEK: Since I did not write a recap for the Mulligun in Dec, I would also like to mention that at that event, Kevin Miles shot a 94×100 and took HOA beating the entire field while only being in B-Class.  For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, well it’s a big deal.   Something has clicked for this guy.  I wonder what he eats for breakfast.

Tom Dillon 65765856766866693HOA
Ed Najar 65764846766666790RU
Kevin Miles 648666668667357903RD
Bill Rhodes 63566666765766687
Ed Najar 256866356566765787
Joe Ramero 56456665666566886
Shabaz Bassi 64544765866756786
Mark Nelson 44865565466766785
Eric Fergusson 66756444754666884
Nathan Smith 44365756666864783
Dave Murray 236766565766755383
Cindy Lindsay 256635566764745883
Andrew Schultz 55255566655856882
Aaron Farnsworth 265556665445766682
Jeff Jump 62564756566856582
Andrew Kabota 24465646866666681
Bruce Lindsay 266533765566555881
Aaron Farnsworth 34556765566646680AA1
Erick Ferguson 2 61655546866555780
Jason Martinez 263566743655745880
Noah Cunning 66435645855655679
Bill Becker 53454555666856679
BruceLindsay 54536426665865879
Robert Martinez 33244466866866678
Tanner Watson 44764553765744677
Rich Xifo 266243766664554777
Cindy Lindsay 44734755666634676
Bill Rhodes 255654455565736576
Mike Bush 53664654466665476
Rich Xifo 53245764663664875
Glenn Davis 64553555453656875
Cory Nakanishi 53654554656446674
Dave Murray 25365255765664774
Curt Lewis 54742355566754674
John Limbo 62253662646756773A1
Will Dobbins 43333855665564773
Neil Marshal 53655655343844773
Keith Shapiro42465842554756572
Jason Martinez 55234465665646572
Frank Limbo 53354636456746572
Dana Roberts 55363443655655772
John Hendrickson 43264446466755672
Keenan Jackson 33552664265665771
Rj Norris 44664541554755671
Aaron Barns 65645455255662571
Jim Watson 244454764645644471
Steven Parana 53651736744545671
Leonard Young 53455556552645570
Stephaine Najar 44355436656744470
Pat Deegan 42265764564743469
Dana Bocci 45545622466464669
Renee Thurber 63233355762665668B1
Scott Aldridge 46654453266643468
Jim Watson 22564464666453568
Brian Rainwaters 33234654654846568
Noel Barajas 42646434564535768
Noah Cunning 2 44245653555753568
Al Matsuno 36053253865654667
Paul Niederman43135552555665666
Dave Noble 63254425646653566
Bob Clack 43346154646744566
Jeff Crane 62453532556843263
Jim Wathen 42355613636663463
Mike Lund 43255643165753463
Jonathan Miller 251144554765463363
Dan Kenny 42332663626565463
Jovi Bontolo 52324346656616362
Sean Rameriez 45254125766455162
Jerry Mills511443432568