Big Bonanza Recap

178 happy shooters attend! Unbelievable! What a great number to see at our first event for 2018. Thanks, everyone! Overall, the event was pretty “hitch-less” meaning it ran smoothly for that number of shooters. 122 shooters were in the 8 AM round which was a record number for first flight attendance. I have to say, the response to the new club was great and it sure feels good to throw events again. Woohoo!

Celebrities sightings…

Sighting 1: Redlands Shooting Park owners, Allison and Ian Rangel came out for some Bonanza fun. It was great that you guys were able to make one of these events, especially on a Sunday. Thanks for coming and we’re looking forward to the Big Bonanza Blast – “Down South” edition coming in March.

Sighting 2: Pacific Sporting Arms owner, Big Bonanza Blast sponsor and good friend John Herkowitz took time out from making snowmen in Michigan to warm his bones in the California heat… yes, heat. It was 86 that day. Burrr…. 🙂 Also, John went on to blow up the HOA position by shooting 90×100. Congratulations, John and it was great to see ya!

Sighting 3: Mark Nelson! It was great to see you, Mark. Looking forward to shooting some Argentina with you real soon.

The Food

Thank you, Diana and Dana, for putting on a nice lunch under “different” conditions. You guys did a great job and I know everyone enjoyed the lunch.

The Photos

Jim Bloomfield dusted off the camera and came up with some great shots of the first-flight shooters. Check out a few here and see the rest on our facebook page here. Thanks Jim for all the help that day and of course, the awesome photos and video.

The Results

Here’s a list of the event winners. The entire list is broken into groups of 20 so be sure to scroll to the bottom of the scoresheet table to cycle through all the shooters. We’d break the Internet if we posted all 178 on the same page.

John Herkowitz5867387685658890
John Fowler 24868478584758890
Keith Tsuchiyama5867476486668788
Bill Skinner4766288476858887
Josey Martin6865578464668887
Glenn Yamashito4665568585767886
Candice Fowler6568488584438885
Scott Aldridge3747688583838785
John Fowler2658487586748785
Will Dobbins3738786185868785
Jihan Kim5756577484757784
Siavach Hazini3747577684656883
Richard Takasago5856657583758583
Eli Bomar 25855578286358883
Mike Zozaya5658568374658682
Andrew Schultz4858668355656782
Marty Stensbol3758558285666781
Adam Gelbert3766646486458881
Mike Griffitts4758558473657680
Glenn Davis 24747563756747880
Candice Fowler 26765357685556680
Rob Marquardt3758677482527879
Tom Dillon5748457573667579
Jim Watson3747467581748879
Bill Becker3648477571657878
Kevin Miles3558667582456878
Sam Gregorian4647477473638878
Mike Griffitts 25537567366558778
John Hagerman3543558776458878
Tom Isrigg4637476273767877
Fernando DaSilva4845537464748877
Rich Xifo4737375563748877
Keith Shapiro3843568674548677
Jeff Jump6853466674738477
Kennan Jackson5747658174745676
Rich Xifo 22645467674757676
Paul Neidermann3838558275536775
Glenn Davis4738454276657775
Joe Romero4557526584358875
Ken Cooper3666357384638775
Rick Kagawa3836457281767875
Kurt Lewis4863454582748775
Michell Garrett1635477384666874
Dave Murray2757447474666574
Robert Martinez3655577064738874
Bill Rhodes3647348484457774
Leonard Young2767388452357774
Richard Takasago 23526667584367674
Fernando DaSilva 23547686256827574
Jordan Hirschi4856658581426573
Tom Thompson3866624266637873
Greg Smith3738377573437673
Chris Campbell4647368273556773
Mike Sterling4527588160756872
Bill Vonhelmolt3658658342447772
Nathan Smith3446255588646672
Nathan Smith 24558488354454572
Jerry Mills5758246463448672
Rick Pazen3651558466557672
Kelly Erisman3546666343837771
Royce Chezem3547433466748771
Chuck Hansen2736566484454771
Aaron Farnsworth5657665446354571
Pat Deegan4056448284856771
Geoff Tyndall3444576574648471
Aaron Farnsworth 22545687485248371
Drew Sutherland 23745454573737771
Jay Krug3747475572447571
Ryan Hutchins3647645573556470
Bill Cooper2545445572748870
Travis Zeller2757577264426670
Gary Morgan2848456263658370
Bob Webster4647346264547870
Jim Kalouner4747438064268770
Marty Stensbol 24657213465668770
Jovi Bantold3646664484336669
Jason Martinez4755436372755669
Eli Bomar2843467273646668
Drew Sutherland2558435374528768
Jim Webb5767438334528368
Jerry Guadanno4747446373636367
Reggie Butler4648357365227567
Mark Mickleson2626245572558867
John Ebert2636236285657667
Steve Jensen2655545386236666
Glen Darcey1645534382468766
Mike Belote4537317463438866
Al Carrazza3638557065326665
Don Hunter2556428373517765
Jim Davis2646445383456565
Kelly Erisman 23668650344517765
Joe Teague4617148363547665
Mark Reid2734257452558564
Mark Shapiro1634357374546664
Scott Morell 24622225773646864
Robert Johnson 22334377184448664
Gary Mendricks1546653375345764
Ian Rangel4834346055258663
Bryant Stamik4556525371536663
Terry Terzian4534244175448762
Bill Rhodes 22546346452537662
Willis Cameron3644335344637762
Scott Morrell4634231276747561
Mike Scheer2734335365646461
Dave Porter2565346180448561
Bill Young1444365265527761
Robert Johnson2536236073848461
Mark Reeske2554333184838461
Brian Schultz3656415272417760
Travis Webster2544365163347760
Jeff Go2355427283458260
Rich Harrison2534306176637760
Rich Harrison 23533426275347660
Jim Rory1637436353543659
Tony Eckert1425565463437459
Rich Ebner4723415172557558
Blaine Kolarik0432353483446857
Michael Belote2658543354126357
Eddy Fonsecia2645227171346757
Ron Polanski2426334075555657
April Vargas 22556416272326657
Jim Fitzgerald2553254353636557
Andrew Fulthrope4451306163448857
Renee Thurber3565137174434356
John Wilson1535524262528656
Mark Reeske 23636116073247756
John Tkatch0535434283156655
Tony Kelly1423274370638555
Georgia McCaffrey2527345160437655
Don Tyndall3725324064545555
Tina Bruns3254327152366655
Dusty Diller2434324443436854
Tom Brooks2432124363556854
Ray Durrea4525124072646654
Rob Roth3525327251346553
Charissa Ebert4623436360443553
Peter Siphron2525165263227553
Rj Norris3235346262316652
Ted Sharp1436333063547452
Blaine Kolarik 22431417362246752
Dave Murray 23523447262433452
Louis Krokover3544436160435351
Randy Lewis1352224462807551
Jim Moreland3527424181124751
Ray Peru2432324244866151
April Vargas3312324173556550
Easton Krug3645237131235550
Shella Young3623344363114649
Alf Knudsen1435226064443448
Monica Reilly1244325134447448
John Pike0432353073417547
Moose Bullum1735334042426347
Frank Limbo1435327061444347
Mark Zeller2312453133518647
Jayne Santelli3512255032355647
Keith Johnson2214355330515746
Jenny Hutchins0522325252345545
Alicia Martinez1611215063454645
Dave Jacob3435412340545245
Jason Ycedo2323335053524444
Steve Hunter0424231163237543
Brittany Wilson0144333233146542
Brian Lund3501444163132542
Claudio Dusi2412244443124340
Michael Nagins2421214122544640
Ray Duprea1320414051545540
Taia Siphron1445113142307440
Dave Soikkeli0231214362253438
Allison Rangel1101046064336338
Arun Goswami1404622153202537
Jason Ycedo 21213321060436436
Hank Cook2422413134132436
Jonanthan Ceballos2143111051146333
Dan Leckrone3304302241020125
Kurt Ebert0223001072013425
Kay Eckert0002104042116324
Rich Krug010100000011004
Dave Akazawa000000000000000


It’s great to be back and it was great to see everyone again. We had fun and we’ll do it again real soon. Thank you all for coming and be sure to keep your head on the stock. – Cory