Thank you Pacific Sporting Arms!

Before we get started, we need to thank the sponsor that makes this event so special.  Pacific Sporting Arms.  PSA, biannually donates a brand new Beretta A400 shotgun and has been doing it for nearly 10 years now. 

Not only do they sponsor this event, but also the Big Bonanza Blast “Down South” at Redlands Shooting Park,  and the Scouts from Troop 209 in Burbank event, plus many other clubs/events nationwide. 

PSA has the largest selection of fine shotguns for both hunting and competition, and they’re right here at your back door in Azusa, CA. 

If you haven’t been, don’t wait!  Here is their location and contact information. 

If you’re looking for a new or used shotgun, give them a visit first.  Let them know that Moore N’ Moore sent you!  THANKS PSA!

Contact PSA here...

912 W. 10th St.
Azusa, CA 91702
Tel: (626) 633-1002
Toll Free: (866) 474-6848
Fax: (626) 633-1113

1...2...3 Winnah!

It’s no secret…the Big Bonanza Gun Drawing events are always big.  This time just cracking over 180 shooters and that’s a great number.  Not the biggest but certainly not small.   I think if the weather was sunny and everyone was in town for the holiday weekend, we could have easily topped 200…oh well, there’s always June!

With all those tickets in that bin and 181 shooters attending, we thought picking a winner would be no problem.  Nope!  It took three ticket-picks until we had a winner for that sweet Beretta A400.

OK, so sometimes unveiling who could have won is just as much fun as revealing the winner so here’s who was picked until we eventually found our lucky shooter…


Pick #1

J. Rovnee?
Nobody knew what that read so we had to skip.  Somewhere there’s a lesson to be learned here.   Sorry, “J”.

Pick #2

Ken Cooper.  
Left early.  He is currently coping with the loss by convincing himself that if he stayed, the Universe would have chosen someone else anyway.  Damn, that’s dark, Ken.

Pick #3

Willis Cameron.
Stayed all day.  Wrote legibly.  Had a 100% attendance rate.  Way to go, Willis! Congrats to you and thanks for your continued support.

Dude where's my...

Parking Spot?!

Possibly the most sought-after prize of the Big Bonanza Blast.  The premiere front-row parking spot with your name routed in a wood sign (which you get to keep when your time is up), is a new favorite.  This year, it went to John Hendrickson.  Congrats big John!

Pat Deegan won this prestigious honor last June and used it every month.  ;)

Blind Squirrel(s)





Two squirrels, one acorn.

On a cold December afternoon, two shooters were completely ok with the fact they only shot 50×100!

Lucky winners, Don Tyndall and Jim Bloomfield took home the HUGE BLIND SQUIRREL bling at this Bonanza reaching a total of $1650.  Silly, but we thought it could maybe hit $1200…boy were we wrong. 

Congratulations and Merry Christmas to you both!  We’ll start a new Big Bonanza Blast Blind Squirrel option in January.

Thanks to everyone that played.  You’ve made this a special new addition to the Big Bonanza event.