Event Recap

Welcome to the Big Bonanza Blast!

Where 130 people will get together on Easter Sunday to have a great time shooting clays and hunting Easter eggs full of raffle tickets! Some people were shooting while others found themselves totally enthralled in the hunt for eggs. The whole thing was really fun (as usual).

The good news is that only 1 egg was left behind by the shooters. We found it by itself on station 8 at the end of the day. I guess all of the 10-ticket camo eggs were found…or were they? That’s right, there just might be some leftover eggs rolling around the course. I’m sure some random guy on a Wednesday will find one and throw it away because Easter is obviously over and like… what are these tickets for?

Quick side note: I’d like to say that Dana, myself, Diana, Destiny, and the elusive/very busy Jim Bloomfield would like to thank you all for coming and for making the Big Bonanza Blast our favorite event to host. And I mean it when I say this event doesn’t even feel like work during the shoot… but by 6 PM I collapse of exhaustion when I walk in the door and I’m met by my kids and my lovely wife who smells like hot dogs…talk about crazy pheromones! LOL she’s going to kill me. 🙂

Speaking of hot dogs. They are always well-received, but this time, Dana took the cookies to a new level. Strawberry, Lemon and Chocolate Chip. The perfect Easter cookie combo to wash down all that chili and onions! Don’t these look great? All homemade by euro-pastry-chef Dana Le’amor Von Lillysnitz.

Our squadding-meister, Milton took some pics and videos for you to enjoy too. See below!

The Scores

And the Easter Bonanza Champion is…

Way to go Bill Becker! The Pecan Piemaster strikes again with a 92×100. Congratulations Bill, a great score where the field averaged 65. Oh and thanks for the pie! Chris Lozano took 2nd with 90×100. A 91×100 for John Herkowitz on his second round while 4 people scored 87 to tie for 3rd place and they would be Ryan Hutchins, Curt Lewis, Gary Steiner (2nd round) and Willis Cameron. Here’s how the rest of the scores turned out.

Bill Becker 92
John Herkowitz 291
Chris Lozano 90
Ryan Hutchins 87
Gary Stenier 287
Curt Lewis 87
Willis Cameron 87
John Haggaman 86
Bill Rhodes 86
Ed Najar 86
Adam Gelbert 86
Eli Bomar85
John Herkowitz 85
Rick Pazen 85
Tom Dillon 84
Marty Stensbol 284
Geoff Tyndall83
Dave Murray 83
Ryan Hutchins 283
Brian Rainwaters82
Scott Altridge 82
John Mann 81
Dana Roberts 81
Rich Xifo 281
Kelly Erisman 281
Johnathan Ceballos 281
Dave Murray 280
Cory Nakanishe79
Steve Jensen 79
Aaron Farnsworth 78
Mark Michaelson 78
Keene Jackson 78
Al Matsuno 78
Bill Rhodes 278
Mikey Zozaya 78
Rich Xifo76
Marty Stensbol 76
Chris Campbell76
Michael Peraza75
John Ebert 75
Jason Martinez 75
Pat Deegan 75
Lenoard Young 75
Mike Vandyke 74
Robert Danelen 74
Tommy Dillon 74
Paul Niderman 73
Ron Blanck 73
Tommy Thompson 73
Bill VonHelmolt 73
Kelly Erisman 72
Garay Steiner 72
Keith Shiprro 72
Dan Sherman 71
Steve Devries71
Jenny Hutchins 271
Bryant Stanik71
Jenny Hutchins 70
Jim Davis 70
Alex Karimov 70
Cameron Guadagino69
Aaron Farnsworth 268
Evan Hibbard 68
Tony Eckert68
Scott Morrell67
Bryan Lund 67
Peter Siphron 67
John Limbo 66
Terry Terzian 66
Chuck Hansen 66
Orrin Terry 66
Ian Rios 66
Renee Thurber66
Bill Tirasi 66
Rj Norris 65
Ben Edwards 65
Jerry Guadagino63
Frank Limbo 63
Rob Roth 63
John Tkach 62
Dan Hackbarth 62
Charissa Ebert 61
Jay Krew61
Bill Young 61
Mike Devries 61
Paul Curley 61
Steve Tillik 60
Robert Martinez 60
John Tkach 60
Mark Shirprro 59
Stephine Najar 59
Bill Arnold 58
Kevin Shaw 57
Nathan Fouarge 57
Johnathan Ceballos57
Suhrob Halmurton 57
Kevin Miles 56
Dave Miller 55
Joe Wilke 54
Don Tyndall 54
Bill Lundquist54
John Salcendo 53
Keith Johnson 53
Randy Lewis 53
Tony Kelly 51
Alica Martinez 51
Dan Bowland 51
Arun Goswami 49
Rob Bowman49
Steve Caswell 47
Ron Shibana47
Dan Devries 47
Taia Siphron 47
Alf Knuosen 46
Abu Agzamov 44
Britney Wilson 43
Jason Roberts43
Craig Hibbard 43
Kay Eckert42
Ethan Ricker 39
Ruben Guardado 37
Jacob Martinez 37
Robert Guevara37
Alex Farnsowrth 36
Ernest Santana 36
Jim Hardy 36
Dave Conrique 32
Ernesto Gomez 28
Jen Miller25
Brad Ricker 14

Pics & Videos

Thank you, Milton!

Milton did a great job capturing the high levels of fun happening at this Bonanza. The last time I saw this many people smiling, I must have been in Texas.

To view all of the photos taken, visit our Facebook page here. You don’t need to be a Facebook member to see them.

See you soon!

If you had a good time, leave a comment below. If you didn’t have a good time (impossible), shhh 🙂

Next event will be the Silver Series on Sat, April 21 and the Mulligun will be at the end of the month on Sunday, April 29. Hope you can make it to t