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The Game(s)

A Little History

What is the Argentina-2? It’s the second version (new and improved) of an amazing idea shared by Doug Oliver and our very own Pat Moore. It was a game designed to challenge the shooter with a variety of angles and the necessary reloading speed for dove hunting in Argentina. In the Argentina-1 game (2006), the clay throwers were set and were never to be changed, very similar to Skeet. However, to make it interesting, the clays would be released randomly every 8 seconds from any of the 6 machines surrounding the shooter for a total of 25 targets. Sound fun? Good because Argentina-2 also allows you to throw the original 25 target game.

What’s different about Argentina 2?

Quite a bit! The default game (yes there’s more than 1 game) presents the shooter with 5 randomized report pairs every 6 seconds utilizing the 4 machines at the Sporting Clays station. The Argentina 2 box will randomly select 1 target to release; after it releases, in 1 second it randomly selects the other to be released. Then you’ll have 6 seconds to reload and start again for a total of 10 targets (5 pair). Sounds fun right? Now picture it on all of our stations. We’re planning to run 5 Argentina stations at first. That’s a lot of angle variety! We’ll be changing the angles of these Argentina-2 targets as often as our Sporting Clays. Never a dull moment!

To get an idea of the cadence between targets, take a look at this video. Pay no attention to the ugly guy shooting 🙂


Additional games have been added to the Argentina and you can select your game with the turn of a switch. To give you an idea about the different games available we have the following:

  • You can’t handle the TRUEth: All True Pairs!
  • Stagecoach Side by Side: A slower delay for guns without ejectors.
  • Tension: A game where the time between targets gets faster and faster ending on a True Pair.
  • NSCA: A game where report pairs will be the same for all shooters and thrown every 7.5 seconds.
  • Singles: Yep, you guessed it.
  • Original Argentina 1: A 25 target round that randomly releases 2 report pairs and a True pair continuously until lastly you get a single.

It’s So Easy

Step 1: Press the A button to turn on the card reader. Skip to step 2 if the reader is already on.
Step 2: Insert Card.
Step 3: Press Green Button on the side of the Argentina-2 Box.
Step 4: You’ll then have 4 seconds before the action starts.
Step 5: Have fun!

The beautiful part about Argentina-2 is that it’s so easy to use. It merges with our current card-reader boxes and you can practice regular Sporting Clays just like before. You won’t need a different card to operate the Argentina-2 and you won’t need someone to pull for you. You will need lots of shells, however.

Argentina Competitions

We’re already implementing Argentina-2 into the Big Bonanza Blast and you can expect to see it very soon as sub-events at our Silver Series and Mulligun 400 events. And of course, all fundraiser events like Shoot For A Cure, Gerry Shelley and Jeopardy will most likely have Argentina 2 thrown in somewhere.

Only Moore N’ Moore

We’re the only club that has the Argentina 2 and we’re proud to say that the game started here, went on vacation and has now returned home. Come out and try something new, fun and different than you’ve ever tried before. Come try Argentina-2…no airfare required.