After recently receiving feedback from multiple people, there’s once again an issue that’s keeping some folks from shooting our NSCA events.  That issue would be that people are pre-shooting the course before an event thus having an unfair advantage versus those who are shooting an event without seeing targets.  

This stigma will continue to plague our NSCA shoots unless something is done about it publicly.  Here’s our new policy.

Pre-Shooting the Course.

PREVIOUS POLICY:  We would inform shooters which stations weren’t set for the event and rely on them to only shoot those stations.  I think most people would abide by the rules, but this method doesn’t suffice for shooters who can’t make it out to Moore N’ Moore during the week.  So, we’re changing it to…

If you’re planning to shoot any of our NSCA events, you can practice on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday prior to the event.  You’re welcome to shoot practice on those days thereafter, however, you will be ineligible from winning punches, money and trophies at that week’s event.  This doesn’t mean you can’t shoot the event, you’ll simply be shooting for fun.  How will we know if people are shooting on the other days?  Because our facility is small enough to monitor.

WE CAN’T SHUT DOWN OUR MACHINES DURING THE WEEK:  Some clubs turn off half of their machines to keep people from pre-shooting.  We don’t have the luxury of multiple courses or 20+ stations that the other clubs might have so this is the only way we can manage this.  Much of our weekly shooting is done by members who don’t shoot NSCA and we won’t diminish their shooting experience by turning off 50% of the target variety.

Some of you might suggest changing the course after work on the day just before an event.  You might not know this, but before an event starts at 9 AM, we spend 1-2 hours double-checking machinery, tweaking machines and selecting a menu.  Making sweeping machine changes the day before the event is nearly impossible at Moore N’ Moore.  The terrain we have makes course-changing difficult and for a good course-change, it takes us 2-3 days.    While the terrain can be a hindrance for our staff, it provides YOU the bonus fun-factor of shooting targets below your feet as well as hilltop crossers (see TOWERS).  It makes all the effort worth while


Most of you think Carmelo is our NSCA target-setter.  He does the heavy-lifting when it comes to course-changing.  He’s also our “greenskeeper”, and my right-hand man.  Ultimately, the finished target presentations are done by myself.  Occasionally, instructor Josey Martin also sets targets and menus for our Super Sporting events.

We do our best to provide fun and challenging targets.  Not only are our targets challenging, but the optical illusions created by rising hills and canyon floors add another layer to the cake.

State of the Course.

Many of you haven’t been out for years, especially after the fire, so I’d like to tell you what the new Moore N’ Moore is like. 

Our pathways have been smoothed out for easier walking.  There are shade trees EVERYWHERE.  We’ve added 4 new station shade structures to keep the Sun away.  Pushcart rentals are available.  Golf carts are not required.  We now have 15 stations.  Each station has 4 machines – most of which are brand new Laportes.  We’re excited to introduce the new “Loon” machine from Atlas which throws a standard target upside down (should be interesting!).  We offer cold water on the course during the warmer months.  Our event lunches are some of the best, offering BBQ Tri-Tip, Chicken, Pork Chops and more.  The events now have great prizes, raffles, trophies and money back to class.  We give away an A400 or $1000 every other month at the Mulligun 400.  Our card-readers are top of the line Long Range transmitters.  Our course is landscaped and clean.  The bathrooms are kept tidy and our staff is always friendly.  We hope you’ll include Moore N’ Moore into your monthly NSCA Fun Shoot rotation for 2020.

Thank you and keep your head on the stock,

Cory Moore