The day was beautiful. Overcast again, with Sunshine in the afternoon for the Super Sporting Event.  77 shooters attended which is always great. Anytime it’s over 70, I feel great. 80 is better of course, but attendance in the 70s is just fine. 🙂

From the feedback we received, these were the most challenging targets thrown at Moore N’ Moore all year. According to the shooters, you were getting tired of the cream-puff presentations we’ve been throwing so we decided to step it up. Don’t worry, we’ll be back in “cream-puff-mode” for the Bonanza so if you miss those 10-yard incomers, grab your cylinder chokes and we’ll see you on Sunday, June 3rd!

We had quite a few people we haven’t seen in a while for this event. Like, Tom Gelastopoulos and Eric Peters. We know it’s a long drive for you, so thanks for coming and we hope to see you soon.


No shock here, both Nick Berry and Ed Najar took the HOA and RU positions respectively. Nick has been on fire lately. Smoking back to back 98’s last month at The Silver Series and the Raahauges Monthly Fun Shoot. Then just days ago he heads to another club and smacks down a 96 on their hardest course to date. Thought I’d throw you some publicity, Nick!

Nick and Ed shot 93×100 and resolved their tie by a shoot-off. Just when you think you’ve seen everything in a shoot-off…this happens.  The targets were a rising true pair from station 6, but we shot about 20yd back from the station and off to the right. Nick won the coin toss and opted to shoot first.  He proceeds to “clubhouse” (break both targets with 1 shot) each pair and shot at a chip on his last pair for a total of 5 shells used over 8 targets.  That’s a tough act to follow, but Ed is no stranger to shoot-offs and nerves are never an issue for this guy.

Firstly, I’d like everyone to know that Ed was shooting Super Sporting when we dragged him off the course to do the shoot-off. He was a bit distracted and frazzled, but he obliged our request (because he’s cool like that). As he stepped up to take his turn he said, “I like the way he (Nick) did that”, thinking he’d use the same “clubhouse” method.  Ed calls “PULL”, two targets takeoff, and then…

(insert the dramatic pause and fade to black)

Now I’m not going to get into details or provide you with a play by play of Ed’s shoot-off because if you’ve read the top paragraph you already know the outcome. Just let me share with you the words my mother used to say: “While killing 2 birds with 1 stone looks really cool, your odds are always better with 2 stones”.  My mom was a 27 yd. Trap shooter and she was pretty darn good at Doubles, too – and a smart lady.

Sadly, the shoot-off ended there and in typical Ed Najar fashion, he appeared humble, smiled, and congratulated Nick like a true sportsman. So kids, if you’re still reading, a clubhouse pair is always a surprise and when it happens, it’s a crowd-pleaser. However, if you try to do it, it’s almost certain failure.

Congratulations to both shooters. 93×100 is a very impressive score on that course. After the event, I had many shooters share how impressed they were that you both could score so high on such a difficult presentation. Way to go, gents.

WAIT! What about Super Sporting? Bill Rhodes and Nick Berry both tied with 48×50. Sorry, no special shoot-off story to be had. Nick left early so Bill took HOA by default. Another great round of shooting by two cool guys.


If you shot the Club Championship, we have the stickers available for you in the “office”. If you’ve seen it, you know what the quotation marks are for. – Cory


More info!

Big Bonanza Blast
Gun Drawing Event
Sunday, June 3, 2018

100 Sporting Clays event.
BBQ hot dogs and a chance to win a brand new Beretta A400 shotgun courtesy of our friends at Pacific Sporting Arms! Thanks to everyone at PSA for making it happen.

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As always, you can find the complete results and payouts on ScoringPRO. We like to call it ScoringSLOW at the club since the Internet is so bad…which is why it takes us a while to get the money updated. Enjoy!