Well, it was the Gun Drawing Event last Sunday and before I get started on the recap,  I’d like to thank Pacific Sporting Arms for all of their contributions and support for this event and for Moore N’ Moore as a club.  We couldn’t do it without you guys!

It was a warm day indeed and the dogs were hot. Targets were fun presentations and a menu of 95% True Pairs really speeds things up. That might be why an event this big can finish by 1:30 PM.

So was the food good? Ok, I went to 3 Dodger games last week and let me tell you, the Big Bonanza Hotdogs are INCREDIBLE in comparison.  Anyone who says they like Dodger Dogs is only trying to justify spending that much. Great job to Dana this time. Diana wasn’t feeling well and will be back by next month (we hope). GET WELL DIANA! We miss you! Thanks, Nya Murray for helping Dana serve the lunch.

How many people shot this event?? Oh, just a measly 201! That’s back to back 200+ Big Bonanza Blast Gun Drawings.  We have some seriously awesome support happening out there. Thank you to everyone for attending this event, it meant a lot to everyone at MNM and we hope you had a blast.

Who won the gun? If you’ve shot at Moore N’ Moore, you’ve probably run into this year’s first Big Bonanza Blast gun winner, Bill Rhodes. Bill is a great friend and ambassador to the sport. I can’t count how many people he has introduced to this event and we appreciate it.  Bill’s good karma kicked in after the 5th ticket was pulled. Congratulations, buddy!  Wait…I suppose you’re wondering who the first 4 tickets belonged to?

Here are the 4 unlucky suckers who got picked but weren’t there.
1. Bill Becker
2. Jim Wathen
3. Some guy who only wrote his initials.
4. Mike Zozaya



Just kidding, had to do it guys. I love ya, even the guy who was too cool to write his name.


We’ve got some new stickers at the club. $3 ea. Buy 4 for $12 (hehe).



Silver Series – NSCA
Targets N’ BBQ!
Sunday, June 3, 2018

100 Sporting Clays event, 50 Super Sporting event, lunch and $20 back to class! It’s a heck of a shoot. Don’t miss it…and if you do miss it, you better be at the State Shoot.



HOA and RU went to Ed Najar with 93 and Medardo Canales with 92. Honorable mention was Richard Takasago with a 92 as well. The tie-breaker station was #6 because it’s June.  Great shooting everyone!

Some of the results have shooters named “The Steve” or “The Randy”. That’s because the squad didn’t write THE last names on the scoresheet :).  Who knows, maybe they were trying to stay anonymous. Thanks for coming!

The scores were incredibly high for a Bonanza event. The average was 64×100 and 13001 targets were hit out of a possible 20100.  Not bad ladies and gentlemen. 🙂


How many broken targets were thrown at this event? We don’t know, but we do know that out of a possible 20100 targets, only 20200 were actually thrown. So if those extra 100 targets were broken or just mistakes from the pullers, we’d like to thank you!  That’s less than a half a percent broken clays… Guess the broken clays were Ed Najar’s fault.  Totally amazing for an event this large.


Check out the new PHOENIX Moore N’ Moore shirts.  These are a design by Jim Bloomfield.   Don Tyndall and his son Geoff are wearing them in the photo above. Don donated these shirts and all the proceeds are going to benefit the retrofitting of our Metal Halide lights with LED so we can start the Night Shoot up once again. Everyone misses it and so do we.

T-Shirts are $25 ea. We have them in M-2x

Pick one up at the club next time you’re out shooting!




Well, another 6 months has gone by and another shotgun has been won but never fear! Starting next month, July 1, will be the start of the next Big Bonanza Blast. Please be there and start your raffle ticket domination campaign immediately. Shoot both flights…heck, if you’re up to it, shoot the third flight! 🙂 Thanks again to everyone who has made this the biggest monthly fun shoot (probably anywhere).

Keep your head on the stock,

The Cory


Had fun or want to share something else that happened at this event? Drop us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you. Remember, this is a family site, so keep it clean.