This was the first Big Bonanza Blast of the new series where shooters for the next 5 months will receive tickets for a chance to win a brand new Beretta A400, courtesy of our good friends at Pacific Sporting Arms. They’re the gun store that happily sponsors local shooting events and gives back to the community like no other. They also sponsor the Big Bonanza “Down South” at Redlands Shooting Park. If you can, put this event on your calendar. It takes place on the 2nd Saturday of every month.  Redlands is a great club with a fun course and for free, they’ll provide you with that fun-lovin’-Bonanza-vibe you’re accustomed to.

The weather was beautiful at this past Bonanza and the registration line looked like we were giving away 4th of July Toby Keith tickets. We had a record-breaking 1st flight registration of 123 shooters. Usually, it’s around 95 shooters.  And with my new office layout, it really sped up the registration process.  The pizza oven (aka the old office) could only manage about 95 shooters in an hour. This new office handled 123 in 45 mins. Pretty impressive!

In total, there were 168 shooters that came out for this Bonanza.  An incredible turnout and we thank you for your support.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos for this event, so I’ll include some photos of my new office (which I’m sure you’re dying to see). The new office is a huge upgrade from the aforementioned “Pizza Oven”, fully-equipped with good stuff like air conditioning, room to move, no dust, less complaining (by me), and loads of electrical outlets! Thank you to my dad Pat for teaching me a few things about construction while we installed insulation, drywall,  counters, and shelves and thanks to Don Tyndall for your incredibly professional and quick installation of electricity. Edison? pfft. Tesla? lol. Don Tyndall owns those noobs.

Overall, with the great attendance, air conditioning, and good food, I hope this Bonanza sets the pace for the remainder of the year.  Now on to the good stuff…shooting results!


Starting August 1st, membership rates are going to increase. Don’t worry, if you’re currently a member, your monthly rate will stay the same, which is exactly why you should join now.   Even with the increase, it’s still a great deal. Membership benefits include big discounts on targets, ammo, events and more! If you’ve been thinking about joining, now’s the time to do it.



Super Sporting 100 – NSCA
Targets N’ BBQ!
Saturday, July 14, 2018

This will be our first 100-target Super Sporting event.  $20 back to class, NSCA registered and a really fun, (optional) sub-event called Super Triples. Bring your pump or your auto and have a blast.



High Over All was Tom Dillon with 88. Congratulations to Tom on some great shooting. Also, I’d like to mention the big old 90×100 that Eli Bomar smacked down on his second round. Congratulations Eli. I know you’ve been working it hard and hard work pays off.

From some of the scores, it seems like there are a few people who might be interested in taking lessons. Just give us a call at 818 890 4788 or click here to fill out the instructor request form and we’ll be glad to set you up with a great lesson.

Here’s how everyone shot. Great job, guys n’ gals!


Another great shoot with great people, great targets and great food. OK, I know it’s hotdogs, but they’re great…honestly!  I loved the hand-sliced jalapenos ala Diana.  A big thanks goes out to my lovely wife, Dana, for the incredible cookies aptly themed for the 4th of July holiday which included chocolate chip cookies with cranberries and blueberries. She’s so cute…:)

Thanks to everyone that participated and for continuing to make this the best-attended fun shoot in LA. We’ll see you again next month and if you’re interested in joining the NSCA, we have great events like this 2 or 3 times per month where you can win money and dive into BBQ chicken and pork lunches!  Just ask us about it or click the “Events” button at the top of this page.



Had fun or want to share a story about choking on a hot dog? Drop us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you. Remember, this is a family site, so keep it clean.