The Night Shoot – Nov 3, 2017

Ally Ebner takes a shot at the low fast quartering target speeding by.
The Night Shoot Recap

32 Shooters attend! This is a great way to end The Night Shoot season with 32 friends out having a blast on Friday night! Thanks to everyone who participated this year and made this event one of Moore N’ Moore’s best. 

We topped out at 62 attendees one night and I can tell you, we were really surprised to see that many people out night shooting. After that, attendance started to dwindle a little when we had the Burbank fires which forced us into a reschedule and now that the temperatures are getting cooler and the hours are getting longer, we’re going to temporarily say goodbye to this event until the first Friday in April 2018.

Thanks to everyone for supporting it and we’re DEFINITELY looking forward to its return.


Here are the results for the season ender…


Mike Dielman67
Ed Najar67
Aaron Farnsworth60
Bill Rhodes57
Dave Murray53
Joey Gonzalez53
Gary Steiner51
Stephanie Najar51
Jonathan Blanck50
George Castellanos47
Ryan Hutchins46
Chris Campbell44
Geoff Tyndall43
Terrance Tanaka43
Jenny Hutchins39
Rich Xifo39
Keenan Jackson38
Pat Deegan38
Sam Gregorian37
Randy Lewis35
Robert Schubert35
Leonard Young34
Armand Kzelian32
Rob Roth32
Kate Lindsey25
Loren Hemer24
Arsen Chilyan24
Don Tyndall23
Gary Trudeau20
Randy Trudeau19
Alf Knudsen19
Denise Holt10




Night Shoot Money Winners
Ed Najar – A Class – $64.00
Jonathan Blanck – B Class – $48.00
Keenan Jackson – C Class – $32.00
Robert Roth – D Class – $16.00

Ammo Winners
Keenan Jackson – 5 Boxes
Chris Campbell – 3 Boxes
Leonard Young – 3 Boxes


See you all in April!

Thanks for making The Night Shoot one of our best!

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