Mulligun 400 – March 26, 2017



Best day of the year in regards to weather. Southern California in Spring is just amazing. Take lots of pictures, those green hills will be brown in no time. As for the shoot, what a great turnout with 49 shooters in the main and 18 in the Argentina… Why is this a great turnout? Because the Western Regionals was happening this weekend in Tucson AZ. That shoot had 567 shooters and 103 were from California.  I’m not saying we would have had 103 more shooters this weekend, but when you serve pulled pork sandwiches like we did yesterday, I’d expect at least 100 more :). Were those good sandwiches or what?

Also, we had a new assistant serving up the cole slaw – Noah Moore (my son). Great job Noah. Thanks for your help and welcome to the team!

Main Event Argentina
HOA Drew Borda Richard Takasago
RU Austin Sabers Thomas Dillon
3rd Ole Vandborg Medardo Canales
M1 Ed Najar Craig Tsuchiyama
AA1 Richard Takasago Dave Glavin
A1 Thomas Dillon Larthel Olsen
B1 Tom Isgrigg Pernille Dalsgaard
C1 Glenn Davis Earl McGillen
D1 Siavash Hazini Mike Busch
E1 Andrew Kubota Aaron Farnsworth


Drew Borda – Drew is in AA and shot a lights-out 92×100 to win High Over All. Great shooting Drew!
Austin Sabers – Great work young man (sub jr). 90×100 for Runner Up… killin’ it!
Tom Isgrigg – Nice score of 83×100 and a B-class win.
Andrew Kubota – Nice shooting yesterday! Welcome to D-class.
Tom Dillon – Looks like your shooting hiatus helped. 87×100 to win A-class. Congrats.
Richard Takasago – Awesome job on a tough round of Argentina. 44×50 was awesome…jeez.


I’d like to thank everyone who attended this event. While the attendance wasn’t as high as it usual, we still had fun, punches were won and money too!  And don’t forget the sandwiches…ahh the sandwiches.

Until next time,



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